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Snow Break

Posted by: Author: Age: Almost 16 Posted on: 1 comments
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I will start out telling you that my friend and I are straight. I remember what happened pretty well. My school was out because of the snow and my friend, I rather not mention his name who is also my same age, came over to spend those two nights. He is about 5.11 and has a well-built body. We ordered pizza and played video games, the usual. We were both kind of getting tired and decided to get ready for bed. He then mentioned that he sleeps naked. I found no problem with this since I find my self doing the same thing. So I told him that I did also. So we both got under the covers in my room and the conversation immediately jumped into girls, sex and masturbation. He asked me if I masturbated and I said yes. I then retuned the question getting the same answer back. He asked how big my dick was and I am honestly telling the truth, I replied 7.8 inches. He then said that his was 7 inches. I was amazed at how close we were in size.
We then started to play truth or dare. It stared out with little dares like hump the pillow or do jumping jacks in the dark naked. But it then got more personal with rubbing each other thighs. And then the dare came upon me to touch is dick. I hesitated at first but said ok. I dared him to do the same. We then started to feel each other. We compared by touch because the room was pretty dark. But there was a little light coming through the window. We both massaged each other's balls. By this time we both had raging boners. I had never had this feeling before. It was unlike any experience I had ever had. I then used my watch to time how long we would jack off each other. We stared out with like 10 seconds. He asked me if I had ever done this before and I replied no and so did he. I couldn't explain why I was doing this but it didn't feel wrong I was really enjoying it. He would run his hand up and down my shaft and would rub the head and massage my balls. I would do the same. He was really good at it. I honestly think that you will never get as good as a Hand Job from a girl then you would from a guy. Because guys have a lot more experience. He knew exactly how I liked it. He was a faster stroker than I was though. When he got to fast I would tell him to slow down. I loved it when he would play with my balls. I would return the favor. His balls were much larger than mine. The time limit got higher and higher up to 4 min there were times where we had to pull each other's hand away because of almost ejaculation.
My being tired went away and we did this for about 5 hours. The second day we played strip poker of course I lost. That night the same thing happened starting with those little dares and then getting back into the good stuff. I was so excited for that night to come. We did the exact same thing. The sensations were amazing. We decided not to tell anyone and we are still both friends and stuff but haven't jacked off each other anymore. Every once in a while I think of that great night I had and even know I have never found my self attracted to guys I would be open about doing it again with my friend or another friend.



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