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Sniffing Panties

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During my Sophomore year I was working on a project with Samantha. We always worked at her campus and in her room. The project would take about a month long and two weeks in we were 3/4 of the way finished. Sam is about 5'6" and a little chunky. She has mid size breasts and a nice butt. We are friends but I think she wants more than a project buddy. Ever time I am with her I like her more and more.

One day Sam and I were working when she asked if she could put together her dirty laundry. I looked up and saw her sniffing her panties and putting them into the laundry hamper. I watched her do this three more times and she looked at me and said she has done this for years. Sam then asked if I wanted a sniff. I am 19 and have a college girl asking me to sniff her panties. I said okay and came over to her. Sam held out her panties and I took them and sniffed them. I smiled and told her how good they smell. She said thank you. She took out a second pair and said these smell better. I smell and it is really musky and I tell her how musky it was. She says she wore these while working out. I told Sam I think she smells great and would love to smell more.

Sam smiled and told me to turn around. I did and heard her jeans unzip and then a minute later she told me to turn around. Sam was on the bed and only in her panties and a shirt. She told me to come to the bed and smell her panties. I took off my shirt and jeans and went between Sam legs and sniffed her panties. I was in heaven and told her. I then licked her panties and Sam told me she felt my tongue. I again lick her like a cat and Sam purrs and tells me to remove her panties. She lifts her hips and I slide them down. I sniff them and tell her they smell. I then smile and start to lick her inner thigh and then her pussy. Sam moans and pushed my head in. For the next five minutes I lick her pussy and do what she says to do. I feel her pussy and body vibrate and soon as I suck her clit she has her orgasm.

Sam tells me no one has ever done that to her. I lie back on her bed and Sam rubs my dick through my underwear. She tells me to take them off and I do. She touches and rubs my dick for a minute and then opens her mouth and starts to suck me. She knows what she is doing and soon is rubbing my balls with her free hand. I tell her I am close and Sam sucks harder. I cum in her mouth and once done Sam and I kiss. We taste each other. We cuddle and fall asleep. When we wake up Sam tells me she is happy we are on this project together. I tell her I also agree. We dress and take her laundry to the cleaners to wash them.

After the project and semester is over we continue to date and most nights I smell her worn panties. When Sam works out she has a very musky scent that usually drives me crazy. I once spent 30 minutes licking her and giving her many orgasms. When we tried 69 it was too much for me to lick her and have her giving me head. I was so focused not to cum that I did it too soon. We stayed together through college and then Sam had a job offer in one part of the country and I in the other, so we split. I still remember to this day how I loved to sniff her panties.



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