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Sneaky Wife

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I have been happily married for over 25 years, and over the last few years our sex life has dwindled because of some health issues on my wifes side.

Sex now consists of her masturbating me once a week. To satisfy my appetite for sex I have to manage on my own 2-3 times a week.

Although my wife has been playing with me since before we were married and she knows that I also manage on my own, conversation on this topic has been always a taboo subject.

Anyway, about 6-9 months ago I was working from home and my wife was out shopping. It was the middle of the afternoon and I was feeling the need to play with myself. I went up to the bedroom and took my clothes off and settled down to a nice slow session where I could take my time and relax. When I have lots of time I like to take myself to the edge and stop and then start again. This really does seem to produce a lot of cum.

Imagine my surprise when my wife appeared at the doorway. She went crazy, shouting etc. After things quietened down, we talked and she said she knew I did masturbate but she was so surprised to walk in on me the way she did.

Since that time, she has started leaving little things around and making comments, like

- I noticed the bed pillow wasn't were I put it - I suppose you were playing with yourself again when I was out

- clothes would be left on the bed so that if I moved them to play with myself she would ask why I had moved them

- If I was in the shower too long she would say, playing with yourself again?

- I watched her one day looking in all my pants before she washed them and she commented that I must have been playing with myself a lot recently as many had pre-cum stains

Now to the point of the story- she was going shopping early one morning around 8:00 and I was still in my PJ's. As she left and gave me a kiss she said that the bed was made so if I was going up to play with myself to make sure I tidyed it. (In a semi joking way). I said thats a good idea I think I will (again semi joking) - although I had every intention of spending some time with my penis as I knew she would be out for a while.

As soon as I heard her pull away from the drive. I went upstairs to the bed. I took my PJ's off and started stroking my already hard penis. I must have been going at least 10-15 minutes, stop start and very wet with pre-cum making slopping noises. Just as I was about to cum, my wife puts he head around the door and says caught you again haven't I.

I couldn't stop and squirted the biggest load of cum for ages all over my belly. She walked over to me with a box of tissues and said she had to come back for some things and thought I would be playing with myself so decided to watch. She didn't get mad this time.

We never really talked about this afterwards but she still looks in my pants and leaves the bed clothes a certain way so she knows when I've played with myself. I even masturbate when we are in bed together. She 'pretends' to be sleeping and has her arm around me while I jack off.

She also comes into the bathroom when I'm a little longer than normal and pull the curtain aside to see if I have an erect penis (I always stop if she comes in) and she'll say something like 'I see you're playing with yourself again'

It seems that my wife still has hang up about masturbation but she wants to secretly watch and know when I've done it, tissues beside the bed etc. I always make sure that if I masturbate she knows it by a ruffled bed etc.

Hey this game has brought a whole new life to my lack of sex and maybe she is getting something out of it as well.



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