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Sneaking in Backyard

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At fourteen I had my first experience outdoors, and in my mind it's the time I began the transition to more mature techniques and preferences.


One week in eighth grade my neighbor Jennifer's family went on a trip while school was in session. Back then I rode the bus home from school every day. My street was a dead end, so I would get dropped off on the corner and then walk the quarter mile to my house, passing Jennifers house as I went.

One day that week, I was really horny in school like uncontrollable hard-on under the desk in math class horny. All day I considered getting relief, since I knew my mom would be waiting at home and I wouldn't get a chance. Then, I thought of Jennifers empty house, and her quite-private back yard. Their family flew on their trip and my dad spoke to them that morning, so no surprise returns. No pets, no gardener, etc. I felt I would be safe doing the deed there, in their backyard.

On my walk home, the neighborhood looked empty and I snuck in the back gate. I walked down the side of the house to the back patio, and looked at the yard. The trees around the fences were high enough and dense enough to block any views. The patio had a table and chairs, and half the lawn was a fire pit area with benches.

I stripped to my undies, looked one last time down towards the gate, and then got all the way naked. This was my first time naked outside like this, and I watched my dick grow fully hard in seconds. It was thumping and throbbing as I strolled around a bit, brandishing my rod and feeling really wicked. I loved to rub my dick on things back then, so I slicked it up with spit and rubbed it on the patio railing and then the patio table. I lay face down on one of the fire pit benches and humped against the smooth surface.

I flipped over on the bench and started to stroke my cock with one hand while rubbing my balls with the other. Everything felt amazing. I put my legs down on either side of the bench and started thrusting my hips up towards the sky. I started to feel my orgasm building, but I didn't want my fun to end so I stood up and walked around some more. I jacked myself slowly and stopped intermittently to spread my legs and rub my balls. This only lasted a minute or two when I saw my reflection in the sliding glass door, pumping my stiff dick outside in a backyard. I couldn't hold back, I stepped forward and shot my cum all over the glass. I watched myself shudder while I blew several ropes against the door. It was my best orgasm ever up to that point.

In a daze, I stepped back and slumped in a patio chair. In a couple minutes I began to regain my senses. The load on the door would need to get wiped up, but it could wait. I realized I was still totally rigid and ready to come again. Usually I could only have one orgasm, so getting off again felt like the naughtiest thing possible. Just the idea of being horny enough to masturbate again fed into my horniness.

I began to rub my dick again, and then got up to lay in the grass. I worked myself for a while, loving the new adventurous feelings, the sun and the pleasure. Then, I sat up to masturbate on my knees and look at my reflection over in the sliding glass door. I could see my first load drying on part of the door, which excited me even more. I watched myself stroke for a while, then I went and sat on the bench, straddling it. I worked myself to my second orgasm, and I came all over the bench. The climax was nearly as strong as the first.

I took a minute to catch my breath and then got dressed. I used my socks and some spit to clean off the door and the bench, and put my shoes on bare feet. I was a little bit dazed by what I had done, and was now starting to feel nervous about getting caught. I peeked over the fence before sneaking out of the yard and walking home. That was the only time I went in that yard that week, but it was the most erotic experience of my younger life.



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