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Sneaking a Peak

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Great site Solo Touch, which I have just found. Here is the most recent masturbation event in my life with a lady. It happened last summer.


After my divorce I moved to my new house where I met my new neighbours Sharon and Ross. It was spring time and we would talk in the yard quite often.

Sharon is quite a tall lady. She is about six foot being just shorter than myself and I think she is 31. From the day I first saw her I thought she was very attractive in every way. I got to see her body often because she seemed to be living in her bikini every chance she had which didn't bother me at all. I too keep very active and most people comment on my fitness level once they see me without a shirt on. I like to stay lean and muscular.

Sharon always comes over to see me when I'm outside or she will even make an excuse to knock on the door for something very small. She is also quite a talker but because most times she is standing in her bikini or something else that shows off her hot body I stand there listening.

Sharon and I became very good friends and I know we both would like to make love together, we just never say it. We always touch each other as often as we can even if it is just a hand on the shoulder. I was standing with her and Ross both one day as I was fixing my gate between our homes. We were standing talking about the gate and Sharon stood beside me pressing her almost naked body against my sweaty back with one long leg scooped to the inside of mine. It was very sexy to feel her and Ross had no idea.

The climax to this story came about three weeks after the body pressing day by the gate. I was in my empty house just finishing off my basement apartment to rent out. It was mid afternoon and the heat was high that Saturday. The only thing I had in the basement was a large TV and disc player where I would go to watch my porn and masturbate because it was so private. I would always do the same thing. Sit cross legged in front of the TV with my back flat against the room center post. I kept the walkout door covered with paper so nobody could see in although thick heavy trees kept the back private anyway.

I stopped what I was doing that day for a bottle of water and sat down with just my shorts on where I would masturbate most nights. I turned on the tv which had no cable, just the disc player. I thought what the hell, I'll take a masturbation break right then. As the hot women were starting to finger each other in a 69 on screen I slid my shorts off. Now fully naked, I oiled my cock and started to enjoy the show while the warm sun came through the screen of the open door. I kept the sound low enough just so I could enjoy without the nieghbours hearing.

I was right into the show deep now, slowly stroking my cock as I the light on the floor go dark then a split second later I heard a slight oh! sound. I looked up and it was Sharon standing there with her hands over her eyes saying I didn't see anything but smiling. I grabbed the old towel I was sitting on, that had many oil stains on it and went to the door to say sorry for not closing the door. I stood there with the towel bunched in front because to hold it over me would just show my erection. Of course I was horny and I really wanted to show her my cock. Sharon asked if it was ok to look then took her hands from her eyes. She had the largest grin I ever saw as she said it's ok, I won't tell anyone. She then said I was just coming for a visit because Ross was out doing some things for his mother. I looked out and said she should come in before all the other neighbours start talking. I now wrapped the towel around me knowing my erection would show. Sharon nodded toward the TV saying she did not get that channel. I did not even think of what was playing then the girls on screen were cumming hard.

So, Sharon said. This is quite a way to spend a nice sunny day. I guess some things are worth being inside for. I answered with a yes. I knew she felt the same as me and wanted the towel to go. I said to her that since she was not going to tell then maybe I could finish up and she could join me. That was all it took and she just said ok.

I dropped my towel revealing my now semi hard cock. She kept her shorts and bikini top on still saying I should go back to where I was sitting against the pillar. I layed down the towel and asked aren't you joining me? She said very soon but you start again first.

I clicked off the tv and oiled up my cock a bit more looking directly into her eyes. Her eyes kept going from mine to my cock and back. I was so horny now and had a full erection again as I started slowly sliding my hand up and down my cock.

I said I want this to last a long time and she said we have lots of time just keep going. She was sitting across from me and as she watched she sat up very straight and untied her bikini top. I was so happy to finally see her great tits! I had to stop stroking my cock or I would have cum right then.

She leaned backwards pushing her tits out and showing her ribcage with her tummy pulled in tight asking if I liked what I saw. She took some oil and dripped it on her tits then rubbed it around with both hands. She then got on her knees and kept rubbing her tits while rocking up and down. I said to her I can't take much more I was soon going to cum. She said right here as she held her hands cupping both beautiful tits. I stood up and stroked for about 15 more seconds at her face level as she stood up on her knees holding her tits still. I said here it comes as I stroked faster now then with a huge groan I squirted my cum all over her great tits. My orgasm was so huge that it felt like my balls were sucked insde my body and they even hurt a bit. Sharon started to rub my cum all over her tits and tummy now. It was so hot!

That was the end and she never did masturbate for me although I sure wanted her to. She kept rubbing until my cum was rubbed in then said she would not shower until late that night.

She left giving me a peck on the cheek saying she had a lot of fun. Later that night I saw them both in the yard and as we left she said to us both she should go take a shower but was too tired and may just wait until morning. I knew exactly what she was talking about.

It has not happened since but when in private we do talk sexy to each other and we talk about my masturbating with no girlfriend yet.



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