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Sneak Peaks

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One thing that gets me totally horny is 'sneaking peaks' of a chick in public. Every time I see a girl with her thong hanging out or her legs spread open enough for me to see up her skirt, I get madly aroused.

The other day, I was hanging out at the book store when I saw a girl sitting on the floor in front of the periodicals while reading a magazine. She was sitting Indian style with her legs crossed and her blue G-string was hanging way out. From the back, she looked like a total hottie. Her blonde hair was tied up in a bun, her waist was narrow, and her ass was perfect-not big, but shapely. I admired the view for a moment, then I went to get a look at her face.

I stood next to her and pretended I was browsing the magazines. I looked down and to my amazement, her blouse was hanging loose enough that I could see straight down to her boobs. She had on no bra and I could clearly see two puffy, perky pink nipples attached to an equally nice pair of tits. To top it all off, she had a gorgeous face. I was about to get hard right there (imagine, my cock swelling in my pants right next to her face. Ha!), but I didn't want to give up this little treat just yet. I grabbed a couple of magazines and held them in front of my pants so she couldn't see the raging hard-on I was sporting. I stayed there for another couple of minutes pretending to peruse the cooking magazines while admiring the view. Not once did she look up. She could've just been really into the article, but I think the little tease probably gets off on knowing that guys can get a glimpse of her stunning nakedness.

After I'd seen enough, I hurried to the bathroom, ran to the last stall down, and dropped my pants. My dick was still rock hard. I grabbed the shaft with a light grip and gently tugged up on it so that I could really feel the skin rolling up over the head. I like to take my time when I'm so horny, and I find that this way produces a most powerful sensation. I concentrate on the way it feels, and I visualize the tight little slut who was just exposing her tits to me. I imagine what her pussy looks like. It's probably shaved with a little bit of razor stubble growing out. I love it when the pussy gets like that. I imagine slowly working my fingers into her little pink hole and rubbing around the outer edges of it, feeling her pussy begin to wrap around me tightly as I penetrate her deeper and the wetness builds up. I pretend that I'm picking up the pace, getting a rhythm going, mixing it up a little bit and stroking her budding clit. I wonder what she sounds like when she's getting off. I like it when they're moaners; not screamers, but moaners. I can hear her moaning my name in ecstasy, I can feel her bucking her hips up, pushing up against my hand.

This felt amazing for me. I started to stroke the shaft faster. I rubbed my balls gently. I even ran my finger around the outside of my asshole a little. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore and semen came shooting out of my cock. The first squirt shot high in the air. The rest of it ran out slowly down my hands.

I really, REALLY love masturbation. The fact that we can make ourselves feel so good any time we want is amazing to me. It's God's greatest gift, as far as I'm concerned. Sex is great; it's far more psychologically satisfying. But masturbation has its own special character. I love talking to a girl, getting her to accept me enough to actually allow me to put myself inside of her. The whole pre-sex feeling is very exciting. But the idea of having to be sneaky and get a glimpse of beautiful girl who you don't even know like I just did is another kind of excitement. And being able to control the pleasure exactly the way I want is a different kind of satisfaction. They're both great things and I couldn't live without them!



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