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Smile for the Camera

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hitting the sweet spot in a chocolate factory


My friends and I are always getting together and going places. It was mainly the girls, we were all single. That day one of my best friends, named Jack came along that day. He was an on again off again friend with benefits, we hadn't done anything for months and I was so horny for his thick 7inch cock.

This particular day my friends and I went to a chocolate factory, there was a short tour through the factory. It was a ride I guess you could call it. Well my girlfriends sat in the front seat of the ride car and Jack and I sat in the back. The ride started with a jolt sliding me into Jack. I scooted over away from him a bit. He leaned over and said something to me but the music and the tour guide announcements were so loud I couldn't hear him but he had a big grin on his face. I smiled back, still not knowing what he said but I soon found out what he wanted.

He grabbed my legs and slid me over so I was next to him. Our faces got close so our lips brushed against each others but we didn't kiss. He slowly pulled my hand over to his crotch. Our friends in the front of the car were completely oblivious to all of this, they were laughing and having their own conversations.

I could feel the bulge in Jack's pants, I grabbed it from the outside and it got harder. I unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his cock. It was bigger than I remembered, already wet with precum. I was instantly wet and could start to feel my heartbeat in my pussy. I started to jerk his penis, each stroke making me hornier and him sweat more. He began panting and I could feel his cock start to twitch. I was so horny I slowed down without realizing it. 'what's wrong? I'm not done yet.' he said. 'I need it Jack' I told him. I started jerking him off again as he unbuttoned my jeans and slowly slid his hand under my underwear. My jeans were tight and it forced his hand to brush over my clit. It sent chills up my spine and I gasped. He made his way down to my pussy and teased my hole with his fingers a bit. I was dripping wet, I could feel it. He finally slid his fingers in. I jerked him for as long as I could. The muscles in my pussy began to contract around his fingers that were rhythmically hitting my g-spot. I felt his cock tense up and shoot the biggest load I have ever seen come out of a man. Just at that point I had to let go my orgasm was to intense. I slid back into the seat and my back arched. I gasped and let out a little groan as I came all over his hand. He leaned over me and passionately kissed me, just his kiss alone made my pussy spaz three more times. He quickly wiped his fingers on his boxers and put his cock back in his pants. I pulled up my jeans a little and buttoned them. We sat up straight and smiled just as the large camera took the car's picture at the end of the tour.

We got off and we all went to go look at the picture booth. My friends began to complain about how bad they looked. Then they looked at me and Jack and said we had the best smiles out of everyone. He turned to me and winked and slapped me on the ass as we headed out the door. The chocolate factory tour really hit my sweet spot. Writing this has made me wet....good thing Jack is already waiting for me in my room.

Sweet Dreams



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