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Smells Like Teen Spirit...

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I was fourteen years old, and had very recently discovered the pleasures of masturbation through a boyfriend of mine. He had shown me how to get myself off, and it became a daily occurrence for me to lay on my back, slip one of my hands into my panties and proceed to rub my clit vigorously. The more I masturbated the more confident I became with my sexuality. I became bolder when I was with boys, and I became proud of my young, developing body. These new confidences brought about one of the most significant days of my life. The day I lost my virginity...
He was seventeen and a junior at my high school. I had been drooling over him since the first time I saw him, and as we developed a close friendship, I began to fantasize about him touching me, tasting me, taking me. One day, when I was feeling especially horny, I confessed my fantasies to him. He was thrilled and said we should get together sometime at his house. I was leaving for camp the next day, so he promised we would hang out when I got back...
Well, I spent my five days at the staunch, Catholic summer camp building up more and more sexual frustration. Unfortunately, there was nowhere for me to relieve myself, since there were people everywhere, ALL the time. I could hardly wait to get back home and get some much needed relief.
When I got home, I called him and we made plans for him to pick me up at 10 AM two days later. I was so excited! The day of our rendezvous, I got up at eight AM to prepare. I had learned quite a bit about what he liked through our in depth conversations, so I made sure that my pussy was clean-shaven just for him. I put on a black satin bra with a matching thong under tiny denim shorts and a skimpy black tank top. I fixed my hair and sprayed myself with my favorite perfume. I was ready just in time, and I ran outside to his car, not knowing what to expect. Turns out, the next few hours were some of the most unforgettable hours of my life.
We arrived at his house, and he gave me a tour which ended with his bedroom. I sat down cautiously on the bed, and he sat next to me. He flicked the TV on, but we both knew the other one wasn't interested in watching TV. Suddenly, he reached over and started to tickle my ribs. I was startled and pushed him away, but he persisted. Me, knowing where this was headed, leaned back 'to escape the tickling'. He fell with me and as his body landed on top of mine, he kissed me. Softly at first, then increasing his pressure, and soon exploring my mouth with his tongue. He laid one hand on my breast and began to massage it sensuously through my bra. I was getting so horny that, without thinking, I unzipped my shorts and slid a hand into my wet, silky panties. Slowly, I began my assault on my clit, but soon I was rocking my hips slowly and sliding two fingers in and out of my tight young hole. I began to moan and he whispered in my ear 'Stop'.
I was so startled that I practically jumped. 'Why?', I asked with natural young curiosity, since not only was he telling me to stop touching myself but he was now standing on the other side of the room, rooting through a drawer. I was worried that I had done something wrong. 'I want to videotape you. I mean, I've never seen a girl masturbate before, and I want to be able to see it over and over again.' I thought for a moment, and said, somewhat uneasily, 'I guess...'. He smiled and began to adjust the camera. He pressed the record button and prompted me to strip for him slowly.
Well, with all the sex-appeal of an unexperienced young girl, I began to remove my clothes. The tank top went first, tugged slowly over my head. Then the shorts, unbuttoned and unzipped and pulled to the ground. My thong slipped a little with the shorts, teasing the camera, but I pulled it back up. Next the bra, unhooked and slipped easily off my shoulders, exposing my young breasts. As the cool air met my nipples, I felt them harden and felt unmistakable wetness seep from my pussy. As I became more aroused by my own exhibitionism, I pulled the thong up, separating my lips with the fabric. Finally, I removed the thong and exposed my fresh young pussy.
'Play with your tits', he commanded. I reached up and squeezed my breasts, kneading them lightly with my hands. Then I twisted and pulled at my nipples, feeling electricity shoot through me. I could take the waiting no longer and laid down on the bed to get myself off. He moved closer with the camera, getting a nice close up of me spreading my pussy open. He told me I could begin, and I slid one hand down my body...
I found my clit first, and began gentle circles with my index finger. I moaned softly, and I heard a barely audible gasp escape his lips. Knowing that he was enticed, I began to put on a real show. I slowly slipped my middle finger into my hot, wet pussy. I pulled it out and then pushed it back in. After a few strokes, I added my ring finger and began to go a little harder. Soon my hips were rocking and my strokes were speeding up. I was moaning quite loudly by now and knew that my orgasm was rapidly approaching. I let out a sensual moan as I came all over my hand and his bed. I wasn't finished performing yet, and I ran my wet hand up my body and traced my fingers over my lips. I slid the two fingers into my mouth and sucked my juices off them. I heard him gasp again and looked over. He had his cock out and was stroking it wildly! I was amazed by it's size. For being the first dick I'd ever seen it looked huge. He was nearly eight inches and quite thick, too. I was fascinated by his stiff member, poking out of his baggy jeans.
'Can I touch it?', I asked timidly. 'Sure' he replied. I reached out, and he aimed the camera down at me as I cautiously wrapped a hand around his cock and rubbed it u and down. 'Go ahead, you can grip it harder'. I tightened my hold, an asked if it was okay. 'Oh yeah...great', he replied. Well, as I stroked, I became braver, and undid his jeans the whole way and pulled them down. Next, I tugged his boxers to the floor. I was amazed by his thick dark pubic hair, and his testicles. I began to stroke him with one hand and feel around with the other. When I touched his balls, I felt his cock twitch in my hand. Suddenly, I had a brilliant idea. I brought my face close to his member and kissed the lip. He whispered 'More' in a hoarse voice, and I began to lick around the head and the ridge. He moaned a little, and I soon enveloped the head of his cock in my virginal mouth. I began to bob my head and move my tongue around it, like the girls did in all the sex stories I read while masturbating. He was moaning a lot louder now, and thrusting his hips. He soon pushed my head further onto his dick with one hand, so that my nose was pressed into his pubic hair. He continued to film me with the other. Then, I felt what had to be him cumming in my mouth. I tried to swallow it, but some of it dribbled down my chin and onto my breasts. He shot a copious load of semen into my mouth, and when he was done, he sighed and pulled away, turning the camera off and placing it on the dresser
'You are so great at that. Are you sure that you've never done that before?', he asked, caressing my breasts. 'No, that was my first time ever giving a guy head,' I said. He said he was tired, and we curled up together, naked on his bed. I began to lazily stroke his flaccid penis as we talked. Soon I felt him begin to harden. 'Looks like you want more,' I said devilishly. 'As a matter of fact, I do', he whispered and rolled me onto my back. He climbed on top of me, and asked if I was okay with this. I was so aroused by the thought of him sticking that monster cock into me that I practically screamed 'yes!'.
He told me to grip the base and guide it in. He was a virgin, and had little idea of what to do. Well, I knew (once again from the stories) that it would go in easier if I bent my legs, so I positioned myself as best I could, and pushed his cock in as far as it would go. It felt so big inside my tight hole which, until now, had only known my fingers. He pushed his body forward and I felt his cock press against what felt like a wall inside me. He told me to hold on, this might hurt. He thrust his hips hard and I felt my cherry pop 'Oww' I groaned, but it felt a little pleasurable at the same time. Slowly, he began to work his member deeper and deeper inside of me. With each thrust I felt less pain and more pleasure. Soon I was rocking my hips to meet his thrusts. I moaned as he hit my g-spot. His thrusts quickened and I began to buck my hips wildly. I was moaning quite loudly, as he leaned down to kiss my nipples. He sucked and bit at them and I was in sexual bliss. I came soon after, and my orgasm triggered him. He came rivers into the condom. We laid there for a few seconds, recovering from our first time. He pulled himself out, and we both began to dress. In the background, the video for Nirvana's 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' was ending. Since then, that has been my favorite song.
He and I have had a few other experiences, and, though the sex is more amazing every time, none will be as memorable as the day he took me.



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