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Smells like an Orgasm

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I love masturbating and do so often. At least once a day and on some days I keep my pussy busy all day. This is about yesterday. After my husband left for work that morning [no kids], I decided to have a full day playing with myself.

I went to my bedroom and took off all my clothes. Then I grabbed my robe and my used panties off the floor, and headed for the family room. Once there I put my robe on a chair so I would have something to throw on in case anyone came to the door. Being totally naked in my family room makes me feel so naughty and wet.

Now I sit on the sofa and started out by spreading my legs wide. The TV is off and I can see my reflection in it. Looking like the horny slut that I am, I like to pretend that there are people here with me in my family room. Most of them are strangers but one of them is a friend of mine named Lori. Lori is one of my best friends and very hot. Anyway I start to rub my nipples and one of the strangers [in my mind] points at me and says, 'Check that out.' Everyone starts to stare at me and Lori says, 'Oh that's just Janice. She lives here and is a compulsive masturbator. Aren't you honey?' 'Oh yes.' I reply.

Now I move my right hand down to my pussy and start rubbing my clit in a circular motion. As I do the crowd starts to make comments like, 'Look at her go, doesn't she care that there are people in the room?' Lori says, 'Tell all these people why you are doing something so nasty in front of them.' 'Because I'm a masturbating slut.' Now I really start going at myself while I picture the look on there faces. I reach over and grab my nasty used panties and bring them to my nose. As my fingers speed up on my clit I take a deep whiff at the crotch smelling the musky odor.

In my mind I can hear Lori say, 'That's it Janice, sniff those dirty panties you nasty bitch!' The crowd starts laughing at Lori's remark. In reality I'm really alone in my family room frantically masturbating with my panties stuffed under my nose and starting to grunt as my mind blowing orgasm approaches. With my legs still spread wide and my feet on the floor I slowly start to move my ass up off the sofa arching my back as my butt cheeks become tense. Now Lori says, 'Ok everyone gather around. It looks like Janice is about to pop her cookies.'

Through squinted eyes I can see everyone gathered in a tight circle around my body. Lori starts in again, 'Notice how her ass is up off the couch and her body is arching up tight as a bow. When she's like this she could cum at any second. Now I want you to cum good for your guests Janice, so I'm going to give you a little count down ok?' 'Oh Yes! Anything just please let me cum!' 'Ok Janice, here we go in ten, nine, eight, seven [now the crowd joins in] six, five, four, three, two, one! NOW!' I scream as my body jerks in it's own orgasmic dance for my factious audience. The musky odour of my pussy fills my nose as wave after wave of pure orgasmic bliss crashes through my body sending me to rest in a quivering ball on the floor. Looking up as I focus back into reality I smile to myself and note that this is just the start of my day.

I'll write more about what I did yesterday but right now my clit needs a good jillin.




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