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Smelling Her Shoes

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Back when I was in high school, there was a girl that I had a lot of classes with who was also a friend of my one-year-younger sister. She was also kind of a friend of mine, but more because she was over at my house quite a bit. Not only that, but she was pretty cute, in an adorable way instead of a hot way...and so were her feet. I have had a foot fetish for quite some time, and before I knew what it was I just remember getting excited when seeing someones bare feet. By this time I was fully aware of it, and I loved the fact that when it was just remotely warm she almost always had sandals on. Even during the cold months, many times she would be wearing clogs but still barefoot. The girl simply did not like wearing socks. At the time of this the temperature had really risen and I was enjoying watching her scrunch and wiggle her toes while sitting in class. One day was different, though. It was going to be a warm and humid day, and for reasons unknown when she walked in she was wearing a tight t-shirt, very short shorts and instead of her usual sandals, she had on a pair of worn black flats. Normally I would be disappointed, but seeing that much bare leg mixed with those shoes really caught my attention. It made it even better when she would lift her heels out of them or kick them completely off and spread her toes to get them some fresh air. This went on throughout the day and continued at our house since she came over. She was just going to stay the night since they had choir practice at church and it was going to run long, and she didn't want to drive back home that late. Anyway, she had those shoes on for a little while after we all came home, but right before dinner she took them off and walked down barefoot. He feet were nice and pink, so you could just tell her shoes were making them hot and sweaty. I couldn't just stare at them but I snuck a peek whenever I could, and it was definitely starting to get me hard, which I had to hide. It wasn't too long after we were done that they had to leave, and my mom was going to go with them. Not only that but my dad was working 2nd shift at that point, so I was going to have the house to myself. Luckily for me, before they went she pulled out a pair of flip flops from her bag, I guess so she would be more comfortable while they stood, so I had those flats all to myself. I waited a couple minutes after they drove off to make sure that they weren't coming back for something, and when it was clear I went to her bedroom to get them. I hadn't even gotten back to my room with them and I was already hard from anticipation. I took my clothes off and laid on my bed with them, looking them over. They had definitely been worn a lot, and her footprint was perfect on the inside sole. I ran my fingers in them and I could feel where each toe always rested. My cock was already twitching...and then I smelled them. I really didn't know what to expect since I had never smelled anyone's feet at that point, but I could tell that I loved it. They definitely made her feet sweat and stink and it made my heart start pounding. I took a few deep breaths and started stroking my cock, and I came in about 10 strokes. All I could do was lay there with her shoe in one hand and puddles of my hot cum on my chest. When I finally got up I cleaned myself off but I knew I wasn't done yet. I was hard again in no time and this time I slowly slid my cock inside of it. I liked it. Before I knew it I was laying on top of it, humping the inside of it with my face buried in the other one, smelling and licking where her sweaty sole rubbed. All I could imagine was that it was her feet pressed in my face, sucking and licking her soles and between her toes. I had to be careful not to make a mess in it, so when I was about to cum I pulled it off quickly and shot on my bed. By that time I had worn myself out, but before they came home I had to go one more time, this time cumming on the toe, but it wasn't much more than a little dribble. I was so turned on that night I even licked it off, something I had never done before. That third cum was all I could handle for one day so I made sure to put them back exactly where I found them with no traces of my cum anywhere. When it was all clear I went back downstairs and acted like nothing had happened. They came back around a half hour later and almost immediately took their showers and got ready for bed. The next day when we went to school she had on a pair of tight jeans and her flip flops, which once again left me with great views of her feet.



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