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Small Town Group Fun

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Hi my name is JJ. I live in a small town with only about 150 people in it. Naturally this meant that I didn't have very many friends. My little brother, Shane, was and still is my best friend.

This story happened when I was 15. Me and Shane had a few friends over to stay the night. They were; Scott, 15, tall, blonde, fit but skinny, Tom, 14, average height and size brown hair and eyes, Zayne, 15, tall and well muscled with amazing green eyes, my brother Shane, 14, blonde, blue eyes, fairly muscley and me, 15 and pretty much a clone of Shane. We were all sleeping in the living room that night and were all about to go to bed.

When we all stripped down to our boxers to go to bed, Shane noticed that Tom had a boner. We all laughed and Tom tried to defend himself but we all said don't worry about it. We all layed in our sleeping bags when Zayne suggested we play truth or dare. It started out innocently enough with truths like what girl we liked at school (not that there were many good ones). We then started to become more adventurous with dares like taking off our boxers in our sleeping bags.

At this point we are all naked in our sleeping bags and it's Shanes's turn. He asks Tom who chose truth. Shane then asked him if he was hard, half mocking him for earlier. Of course Tom said no but Zayne said to prove it. Tom said no and so we all teased him again for getting hard. At this point I was starting to swell.

So then it was Tom's turn. He chose Zayne who took the dare option. Tom then dared Zayne to show everyon his dick. Zayne said that it was gay but then we all said that we would all do it if he did. So he did. Zayne's dick was pretty big (18cm he told us) and he was uncut. We then progressed around the group each revealing our dicks. Zayne's was the biggest then Scott's as they were the tallest. Then there was mine and Shane's which were very similar and then Tom's (not that he was small). The next round of truth or dare was played it was directed at me by Zayne. I chose dare. Zayne then dared me to touch Scott's dick. I looked at Scott who just smiled at me and winked. I did my dare, lingering perhaps longer than neccesary. Then Scott suggested we all just beat off. So it began.

We all took turns beating each other off. When it was time for me and Shane he looked at me. He asked if I was ok with it, being brothers and all. At first I was hesitant but then relaxed and we stroked each other off. He told me he was getting close, so I increased my pace and he came all over my hand and stomach. He then increased his pace on me unitl I came on his chest. The other guys then continued until they had all got off too.

After a little while we decided to go again and then once more that night. The next day we went on as if nothing happened. We all made plans to stay at Scott's house that night. That night also descended into a really good session with an extra participant, Scott's brother Josh. But that night is a different story. You can read it soon. In the meantime, have fun.



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