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Small Beginnings

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A strict upbringing while meant well, is undoubtedly damaging. I felt guilty about this for many years.


I developed early. I had my first period at 11, and had C cup breasts at 13. I was told that periods were the price for the 'Sin of Eve' and that I was 'unclean' at this time. I certainly felt it with the unpredictability and inevitable mess that one's first tentative steps along the road of mensturation brings. I also noticed that from time to time, my attention was directed between my legs. I felt moist, and had an almost unstoppable urge to sit with my legs wide apart. Also, growing pubic hair made me itch! I suppose it was innevitable that I would find my clit during the few moments I allowed myself to give in to the itching. It felt really good and as I heard more about sex from friends, (while no doubt some or even most of it was their imaination) sometimes the talk would get downright dirty, and again I would find that yearning between my legs.

At one sleepover (I was 14 at the time) there were four of us and my best friend was telling us all in great detail how she had allowed her boyfreind to, as she put it, finger fuck her. I love the word 'fuck' and asked her to describe exactly what he had done to her. She told us that they had been making out and that she had opened her legs wide to let him get at her (her word) cunt. Again, I felt that little twitch and I had almost unconsciously put my hand between my legs and into my now wet panties. As Jane carried on telling us that he had rubbed her clit for a while before pressing his finger right up inside her and 'fucking me until I came', right there and then I had my first orgasm, and unfortunately, everyone else in the room knew it! 'OMG, Alison's cum... you horny bitch.... yea.. go girl..' And all sorts of other stuff.

The next thing I knew they were all masturbating furiously, two of my friends were totally naked and had unzipped their sleeping bags. I couldn't help but join in and I loved the scent of pussy in the air. I felt myself getting near again when I also felt someone's hand running up my leg. I let my own hand fall away and I enjoyed my first experience of another person's touch. I ached for her to push her finger in me and although it hurt a little I pressed myself down on her finger and spread my legs as wide as I could. I felt like a total whore, and I loved it! I reached across to Jane and felt her very small breasts as I cummed on the finger inside me. After that it was like some kind of Roman orgy. Hands and tongues were everywhere. For a while, I wanted to just watch what was going on but soon enough I was horny again. Jane pushed a finger into my ass which felt a little weird but also really good. At one point, Claire totally lost it and actually peed when she orgasmed, yet strangely, it was very horny and Claire soon wanted to pee too. We both went naked into the bathroom and I lay on the floor and asked Claire to pee on my clit. It made me cum again.

I went from totally virgin to slut in one luxurious night. Since then, I have redressed the balance of all those years being made to feel guilty about my body and the feelings it can give me.



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