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Small Apartment

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Sometimes a one-time encounter with an old friend is enriching and enlightening. It can lead to loss of friendship, or as in this case, a deeper appreciation for the other. Leigh is the daughter of an old and dear friend of both my wife and I, who passed away suddenly a few years ago. At the time of this encounter, Leigh was 30 and I was 47. We had gone to visit her in a town near Austin. She was managing an apartment community at the time, and we stayed with her in her one-bedroom apartment. She gave my wife and me her bedroom, and she slept on the couch. The apartment has a small kitchen, and we kept bumping into each other, joking about the 'one-butt' kitchen; she and my wife enjoyed my discomfort as Leigh and I bumped butts and occasionally, my crotch into her butt. I was wearing jogging shorts, and my semi-arousal drew laughs from the ladies.

The next morning I got up at 7:00 to do my two mile jog, and when I got back Leigh was headed to her office. She said my wife was still asleep, so she was going to have coffee and rolls in her office. I joined her there for coffee, and we laughed again about the night before. She had a wolfish grin the whole time we talked. Finally, I suggested that I needed a shower, and she insisted that rather than wake my wife, I should shower in one of the furnished models. She grabbed an umbrella as it was starting to shower lightly, and we walked to the model I could feel a sexual tension, but decided to ignore it. We went up the stairs to the bedroom, where she showed me the towels and soap. I waited for her to leave, but she stood there, as if in thought. Hesitantly, she asked if I could help her do a chore before I showered. I agreed, and she led me to the kitchen, where I helped her move the refrigerator and a table, since the workmen had left them in the way after a wall repair. In the course of moving the items, I wound up behind her and as we pushed, her butt ground into my crotch, with immediate results. My jog shorts did nothing to conceal my hard-on.

She suddenly leaned completely back into me, and my arms went around her waist. I began to nuzzle her neck, then I cupped both her breasts, as she captured my penis between the cheeks of her ass. She sighed, and began to breathe harder. I put my right had on her tummy, then moved it down to cup her crotch through her shorts. She took my hand and moved it to the waistband of her shorts, and I took the hint. I put my hand down her panties, and felt her bush, and slightly tugged at her pubic hair. Leigh gasped, and I moved my hand further down. Her clitoris was already peeking out of its hood, and her labia were open and wet. She slowly moved her pelvis up and down, stroking my penis with her ass cheeks and trapping my fingers between her lips. I was nearly dizzy but I was too far gone to stop.

I inserted my middle finger into her vagina as I squeezed her mons with my palm. We did not speak, but she turned her head to kiss me, as I continued to stroke her. Her pelvis was into its own rhythm now, as I alternated between her clitoris and vagina. I could feel her cheeks clench tighter as she aproached orgasm, and I knew I was leaking fluid like mad from my penis. Her movements became slow and langourous, then began to speed up as her climax came closer. Her pelvis started jerking erratically and her breath came in sharp raspy sounds. I felt my hand being flooded by her fluids as she climaxed in several jerks. She jumped away from me, jerked her shorts down, and wrapped her legs around my right thigh. She began kissing me, and pulled my left hand to her breasts, and my right to her butt. She rubbed her vulva on my leg, smearing it with her fluids as she climaxed again.

By this time I was harder than blue steel, and ready for release. As she came down from her climax, she disengaged and pulled my shorts down to my ankle. She wrapped her hand around my penis, then lightly ran her index finger all around it, tracing around its head, smearing the fluids around, and lightly rubbing the frenulum. I started humping my pelvis, pushing my penis against her hand. She reached down to her vulva, scooping up her juices, and rubbed them onto my penis, going from head to base. About the third time she did that, I began to erupt, shooting semen onto her hand and face. My legs felt like rubber, and I sat on the kitchen floor; she followed, her hand still on my penis. We still had not spoken a word. She grinned, shook her head as I started to speak, and kissed me lightly on the mouth. Still holding my penis, she led me to the bathroom. We both finished disrobing, and got in the shower together. I got hard again as she pressed her wet butt against my penis; she used the conditioner to lube her hand and stroked me to another climax, as I returned the favor by putting two fingers into her vagina and one into her rectum. We finished the shower, dried off, and still had not spoken. She stayed as I dressed and went down to her apartment. She joined us for lunch, and we carried on as if nothing had happened.

We have never spoken of this, nor attempted to repeat it. She has since married, and all four of us are still very close.



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