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Slumber Party Orgasms

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Slumber Party Orgasms
I'm a 13 year old female and have been masturbating for about 2 years now. My best experience had to be early this year.
I have always been known as the rebel and had frequently gotten kicked out of my house by my mother. There was one day where I had gotten kicked out of my house, and had no where to go, which was unusual do to the fact that I had many friends. I had finally talked to my best friend Kat, she immediately invited me to sleep at her house after explaining my situation. I thanked her and told her that if she ever needed a favor I would be happy to do it for her.
Later on it became night time and her and I had just gotten home from a dance. We said good night to her parents and headed for her room. I had practically collapsed on the bed telling her how my legs hurt from dancing all night. She started to message them gently. I told her how good it felt and she started moving up the back of my calves and to my thighs. I touched her hand and said it felt so good.
She then got up and came next to me laying behind me with our bodies pressing up against each other. Since she was behind and we were laying on our sides she put her arm around me and started to rub my stomach. I closed my eyes and tilted my head back, as a sign of pleasure. She then slowly started moving her hand up from my stomach to my breasts. She stayed in that area for about five minutes barely moving. I opened my eyes which immediately met hers she leaned slightly forward and kissed me. Now I'm not a lesbian, but let me tell you that kiss was so wonderful, she had brought me into a whole other world.
Her lips so gently touching mine, and her tounge playfully teasing mine, I was in heaven. Realizing I was starting to get wet, I let out a small low moan as not to wake up her parents. She then moved her hand down towards my belt buckle, and in one motion had undid my belt. At this point I'm laying on my back staring into her eyes. I move one of my hands towards her beautiful body, feeling her tight stomach and luscious breast. She has now got my pants unbuttoned and unzippered and is heading towards my bikini. I can tell she realized I was wet and she giggled touched me. I looked back at her and giggled moving my head towards hers for a short simple kiss. By this time I can feel my clit pulsating and legs quivering. I slid my hand down towards her sweat pants which were loosely fit, I slid my hand inside her pants feeling her silk underwear. She is continuing to touch my clit ever so gently as to tease me, I then make my way inside her silk undies and touched her clit rubbing it in a circular motion I could feel her getting wet. she then made her way inside me, and I then threw my head back in pleasure.
As our little playful session started getting more intense I made my way into here, started to move quickly in and out feeling her juices start to come out. I get very excited by this and start to feel my muscles tensing and my clit throbbing, she let out a moan which was rather loud. I continue to move in and out of her as she does to me. We both grab each other as we throw our heads back and have spasms, we both tightly squeezed each others arms and felt each others juices all over our hands. I lick my fingers as she rubs hers all over her body. I kiss her and then lay in her arms with my leg in between hers. we sleep like that and awake in the morning to only repeat the actions from the nights before. We haven't done anything since then, but we still talk about it and remember our adventures. I'm now back home and still having dreams of that night. It may not seem that exciting to you guys, but it was fantastic for me.



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