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Slippery When Shaved

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My session usually starts in the shower. The warm feel of the water and getting clean is how I start to get turned on. Sometimes I'll look at porn before my shower just to get me thinking about cumming. I'll get an erection as I go into the shower and keep it the whole time I'm in there as I wash.
The next step is to stand in front of the mirror and stroke a bit. I like to get close to cumming a few times, it seems to make my orgasm better. At this point, and I've only been doing this for a few years, I'll shave my cock and balls completely smooth. When I started to experiment with shaving I began by just trimming my pubic hair with scissors, but now, I shave everything, even my stomach and the area just above my cock. My wife just loves it when I've just had a shave. She shaves too, I love it!
After spending some time shaving and being horny for a while, I'll lie down in front of a mirror and shave my asshole and the area around it so it is also smooth. This is a terrific sensation, and allows easy entry, if I'm in the mood for a little anal. Use oil, that's all I can say! I don't do this too often, although it is great to have something up my ass while I'm masturbating. I like to do it this way once or twice a month just to keep the experience fresh and for those times I feel extra horny.
If my wife is home, she'll be knocking on the bathroom door, not just wondering what I'm 'doing' in there, but begging to get in on the action. She'll wait until I've finished grooming and then I'll let her in. I stand there naked and fully aroused in front of her, precum dripping down the head of my cock in anticipation of what's to come.
If I haven't already covered myself with oil, which is and absolute must, she'll do it for me as she strokes the shaft with her slick hand. She will even start to finger my ass a bit sometimes. If she does, and I'm in the mood, I'll let her fuck my ass while I masturbate. She gets really turned on doing this, which in turn, gets me even hotter.
When she's good and hot I'll stand back in front of her and take her clothes off. She's usually so hot by now she's stroking herself through her clothes. Just the sight of her naked body makes me almost cum, but I just let her do her thing. She has very full D breasts and as she fingers herself, I pour oil all over them and massage them until they are covered and slippery. If she wants me to fuck her tits while she masturbates, I'll slide my slick cock between them and squeeze them together while I thrust. She really loves that and begins increasing the speed on her clit. Next, I stand over her chest and spread my legs so the smooth area between my balls and anus is rubbing on her nipple, the whole time I'm stoking my cock.
If there's a vibrator ready she'll use it at this point and usually that will be the thing that sends her to orgasm. Sometimes I have to tell her to slow down, otherwise she'll cum too quick. We'll do this until mutual orgasm or if she tells me to take my time, she'll cum first and then just sit there and watch me finish myself off. I'll reapply another coating of oil all over. She'll usually let me jerk off all over her tits and nipples or spread her pussy lips so I can cum on her bald pussy.
This is a fairly new technique for me. It wasn't until the last few years that I have been able to masturbate in front of my wife like that either. I guess it's because we have been together now for about 15 years and masturbation has become a 'normal' part of sex for us. We have always known that each other masturbates but for the most part, kept it to ourselves and not shared masturbation sessions with each other. I still do it alone sometimes, but I enjoy doing it in front of her more. I mean, let's be serious, it's great to jerk off while you watch the woman you love playing with herself.



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