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Slightly Nervous Second Time Round

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It was a few days after Barry and I first wanked together and I was sitting in my room watching Soldier Soldier when without knocking Barry just walked in.

'Oh, hello mate. OK?'

Barry didn't say anything but sat down and started watching the tv. After what seemed an age,

'You know...' Barry started but seemed reluctant to continue question.

'Yes.' I replied.

After a big sigh Barry continued, 'you know that porn mag you showed me at the weekend, can I borrow it please?'

'To be honest I'm worried about Mum or Dad finding it 'cos you know it'll end up straight in the bin.'

'I s'pose.' Barry replied.

'I'll tell you what, if you ever want to have a look just come in and I'll get it but you'll have to stay in here. How does that sound?'

'mmm, well, I, ok that'll be fine.'

In case you hadn't guessed my plan was to masturbate with Barry again as I was so turned on last time! I asked Barry to turn around, got two magazines from under my bed and showed them both to Barry.

'Here you are, a better choice of girls now.'

'Cool!' said Barry, suddenly much more at ease.

He took the magazine that was on the top of the pair and started flicking through paying particular interest to each picture on each page.

After several seconds of uncomfortable shuffling I said to Barry, 'If you want to release it just do it.'

'But Mum and Dad are downstairs.'

'Yeah, maybe. But you know how bloody noisy those stairs are.'

With a little grin Barry undid his jeans and pulled his growing cock out.

'See, feel better now?'

I turned the volume down a bit on tv, picked up the other mag and started reading it. After a minute or so I had to shuffle a bit as my cock was growing too.

'You can get your dick out as well Keith.'

I looked over and Barry now had his trousers around his knees so I undid my jeans and pulled them down to my knees.

Barry's cock was covered in pre cum so I got up, went and sat behind him with my legs either side of his and rubbed my hands on his chest under his t shirt.

'What?' queried Barry.

'Just enjoy it, carry on reading the mag I'm sure you'll like it.'

And he seemed to quite quickly as he relaxed a lot even leaning his head back on to my shoulder.

I shuffled back a bit and let Barry lean back until he was nearly lying flat. I moved my hands down over his stomach and rubbed my finger slowly over the head of his penis.

With that he rolled over and gently pushed on my chest.

'You're getting it first today' and with that Barry grabbed hold of my cock and slowly moved his hand up and down my shaft.

Shortly before I came I stopped Barry and asked him to lie down. I knelt over his knees and slowly started massaging his cock. He lay there with his eyes closed and a very satisfied smile on his face.

After a couple of minutes he started twitching a bit and moving his hips in time with my hand on his cock.

'Gonna need a tissue!' Barry said with some degree of urgency.

'Wwwwow' was all I heard and only a few seconds later Barry's cock started twitching powerfully and I felt the warm juice being fired in my mouth.

It tasted good!

'What was...'

'I didn't have any tissues, you were clearly enjoying it and I didn't want to stop.'

Barry nodded and pulled his jeans back up.

'What about you?' Barry asked looking at my cock.

'But we don't have any tissues if you remember and I'm not sure if you want to taste me do you?'

Barry shook his head.

'I didn't think so.'

'Could you get it in your hand and you swallow it?' Barry suggested.


I lay down on floor and Barry knelt beside me getting hold of my cock and slowly masturbating me.

'That's right, nice and slowly.'

Imagining one of the girls in the magazine doing it soon bought me to climax so I placed my hand under the head of my cock and ejaculated in to it, having to bite my lip as it felt very nice.

I looked at Barry, 'are you sure you don't want to try a little bit?'


He put a little bit on his index finger and tasted it.

'It doesn't taste that bad, but you can still get rid of the rest though.'

With that I licked my cum off my hand, dried my hand on my blanket and said to Barry, 'if you want to watch any of my videos you know you are allowed.'

With a cheeky little grin!



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