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Sleepover With My Ex-boyfriend

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I've submitted a couple of stories here before but this is my best experience so far.


A little background here: I'm a 14-year-old horny teenager and I've always been into hip-shaking belly dance and basketball. I'm tall (174cm) and have a very nice ass, and my ex-boyfriend is not very popular but a nice guy. About a week ago I broke up with him but we kept a warm, friendly relationship. We broke up because I am a very (when I say very it means VERY) flirtatious type of girl and I feel when I am in a relationship it is like being in a cage. But anyway, let's get to our story...

Yesterday we were skating and when we finished it was very late at night and because he lives far away from our skating place and I live just a couple of blocks away he asked if he could stay over at my house. I didn't mind at all, it was holiday next day and I live with my mother who was gone on an overseas conference for a week.

First, we just did the usual stuff: computergames, chatting, watching TV...sure we couldn't resist to have a late supper. It wasn't sexual in anyway but...

Him-'Do you mind if I take off my jeans? It's very hot in here'?

Me-'Well, uh, it's alright I guess...'

He took off his jeans revealing the muscular legs of a runner and dancer...I couldn't resist staring. I noticed his erection popping up in his underwear...

Me-'What's up with you? Your boner is ganna pop out of your underwear soon.' (I am very straight forward with people who don't think such topics are offensive so, it's no big deal for me to just ask about it.)

Him-'I didn't masturbate for two or three days. Very busy working...' (he's 16 and he works at a pasta shop for six hours every day)

Me-'Wow...long time, eh?'

He didn't answer but just moved closer to me. I laid in my full size bed and just looked at him. He put his hand slowly on my breast (very sensitive c-cup tits that he just loved when we were going out). I didn't do anything and just laid there, enjoying that...he began circling my nipple...'Uhhh...' I couldn't keep from moaning...he got bolder and started sucking my nipple and playing with the other...it felt great I was moaning without shyness (don't have such quality) 'UUhhh! Ohhh! Yesss!' But I couldn't take it for long (I had my menstruation at that time so my boobs were hurting a lot.) I sat up between his legs and slowly rubbed his member through his underwear. He closed his eyes...I pulled out his dick and began stroking it slowly at first. His breathing was getting harder (as well as his dick) as I was stroking him faster, then slower again and faster and just rubbed it for a little bit...He began moaning...'Uhh...Ohhh...faster...please...I'm gonna cum...oh...ohhh...oh my goodness...' his cock got really hard and pulsated as he began shooting that three days load all over my bed...He was cumming for about 15 seconds, still moaning loudly, his body shaking...Then I felt his dick soften and his said 'Oh my...that was fucking awesome...' Then I noticed it was sunrise so, we went outside to watch it. Right now, we are both single but I'm like his girlfriend but since officially we're not going out I can still flirt with other guys...hehehe. Leave me a comment, let me knopw what you think...I have more to tell, if you want to hear more...



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