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Sleepover With My Cousin and Friend

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My cousin and I were having a sleepover at a mutual friend's. Because they have no living space, we needed to sleep in a tent in the backyard.

That day we started to build up the tent with the three of us, filled our aerobed with air and put the blankets on the bed. After that we left to go to the local swimming pool.

When we arrived at the swimming pool we searched for a fitting cubicle, but couldn't find any. So we went to the big dressing-room. I undressed, and put on my swim briefs, closely watching my cousin and friend undress. They were only focused on changing. Never seen them nude before, I saw my cousin (same age) with an average length penis, and not very long white pubic hair. My friend (almost a year older) with lots of black pubic hair and a very thin but long penis. Both were cut (I ain't). Seeing both dicks I was remembering a mutual masturbation session with some other friend of mine (also cut) and started to get an erection. My friend and cousin both put on shorts and we ran to the swimming pool and jumped in.

After the swimming we got back home, ate a meal and watched some TV. Then it was sleeping time. I walked to the tent, took off my clothes except my boxers and got in. My cousin came behind me. I slid under the blankets, my cousin did the same.

We started to talk about all kinds of things, sports, weather, etc. After an hour we started to talk about the swimming we've done. He told me he saw my upcoming erection and told me he had the same thing after he saw mine. Because I was tired I told him to shut up and go to sleep. So he did.

After 15 minutes or so, he bumped against my back with something I could not define. With my right hand I began to feel, first I felt his arm. That wasn't it because it was lower. After feeling a lot more, I arrived at his dick. My cousin wasn't wearing any pants or underwear, I immediately got an erection because of the idea. He silently asked if I liked what I was feeling, I told him I was. Then I felt his arm coming round my waist in search of my penis. He found it and started to stroke my boxers. I started to stroke his package, but he told me to stop because I was hurting him.

I turned, he slid his hand into my underwear. With his other hand he took my hand and spat on it. Because I had never done that I asked him why, he told me he needed lube to jack-off. So I started to stroke him, he was still stroking me. After five minutes, I told him to wait a minute and then continue because I was ready but didn't want to come yet. I still was stroking him, we did this for almost 30 minutes until he told me he was getting ready. I started to stroke him even faster, he was doing the same with me. Again I stroked faster, his penis shot five ropes of cum all over the tent, blankets, the ground and my waist. Immediately after seeing that, I got finished up too and shot seven ropes against the bed, blankets, and his stomach.

We both laughed. He told me to clean up the mess. I told him I hadn't got a tissue or something else, he said 'I dare you to lick it off'. Without a thought (still getting wanked a little bit) I took his head with my both hands and licked it off, never tasted cum before but it wasn't even that bad. Then I quickly said 'I dare you to do the same' and pointed out his cum on my body. He laughed and said, I will never do that. Again, without a thought, I took his cum onto my finger and put it in his mouth. He started to lick my finger, and then continued onto the rest of my body.

We both tasted sperm that evening, and both wanked eachother another time later that night. It's very diffecult to sleep with an erect horny boy lying naked next to you.

Almost the same story (except without the sperm 'tasting') happened the evening after, but my cousin changed with my friend. I bet the same thing happened the night after, with my cousin and friend. With that idea on my mind, I wanked in his bed and shot the sperm against his wall. Cleaning the mess up with a sock.



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