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Sleepover With Cousin

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First story I've ever posted


One time my cousin who is 16 the same age as me was spending the night at my house I was wearing a loose pair of basketball shorts with no boxers as I always do. We decided to sleep on the floor of my bedroom because I had a twin size bed that could not fit both of us. In the middle of the night I woke up with a massive boner straining against my shorts (5.5-6 inches uncut) but to my surprise my cousin was grasping my dick through my shorts with his hand. I had thought that it had been a mistake in his sleep so I moved over a bit but his hand moved to and also gave my dick a tiny squeeze, it felt great so I just got into a comfortable position and let him hold my dick through the night, I said nothing of it the next day.

A while later I was spending the night at my cousins house we were both sleeping on the floor of his room, I remembering last time and thought maybe I could have some fun this time. So as both of us were trying to get to sleep I got a rock hard boner and rolled to my side letting my boner push against my cousins hard abs, I was pretending that I was asleep and knew that he was awake, so with my boner pushing on him he grabbed it and began to squeeze it lightly, it felt wonderful so I thought its time to return the favor and pretended to wake up.

When I 'woke up' my cousin was surprised and embarrassed but had forgot to let go of my dick so as he looked at me with a stunned look trying to come up with an explanation I told him its ok and to keep on playing with my dick because it felt good, so we just layed back down with him playing with my dick.

Then I reached over and felt his dick which was already hard, it felt about the same size as mine. Soon I pushed my shorts down and so did my cousin we grasped each others dicks with no clothes on, he was also uncut like me. We were stroking each other like crazy so it was not long before I needed to cum. I began to moan and rolled to my side facing my cousin saying into his ear 'I'm about to cum'! And with that I shot 5 thick hot sticky white ropes of cum on his body the first went all the way up to his face and hair, he licked the cum from his lips and took some off his body and ate it, I have never tasted my cum before but he offered me some off his hand and I licked it up, it was delicious!

After I got my breath back from my massive orgasm I needed to return the favor. So I grabbed his now throbbing cock in my hand and began to stoke his foreskin up and down with my other hand I played with his hairy balls. His cock wasn't dripping any precum so I leaned over and spat on his dick. After lubing it up enough I stroked it like crazy up and down to the sound of him moaning loudly. He began humping my hand with his dick and soon was saying I'm about to cum! so I stroked even faster and tweaked his nipple with my other hand, this set him off and he erupted 3 huge jets of milky cum. His cum was not as white as mine but more of a clearish white. I looked at his over and the three ropes of cum were just laying on his chiselled body. So with my hand that was not still holding his dick I rubbed the cum on his abs and all the way down his happy trail to his thickly pubed base of his penis. Then lifted my hand up and licked some cum off, I also rubbed it on my cousins lips and he accepted it licking off his cum. We fell asleep like that and in the morning did not say anything about it even though we he was covered in cum, he even had a rope of my cum dried in his hair! I hope that something like this can happen again because it was fun and felt great. I am not gay but I won't say no to a good mutual jack-off session. Happy Jacking



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