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Sleepover Education.

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I read stories on here almost daily. I find them interesting and provocative at the same time. I will say some read more 'true' than others. I decided I want to share my absolutely true first time experience.
I discovered 'playing with myself' at about 7-8 years old accidentally while in bed one night, I guess by accidentally reaching down to my pajamas to adjust or something. I recall feeling a tingle and rubbed around on my pajama fly for a few minutes before drifting off to sleep, with no thought or intent of the playing leading to anything. I would occasionally do this at night for the next few years just because it felt pleasant and I would fall asleep playing with my penis- didn't even know the word then.
Fast forward about 3 years I was 11, had older bro. 16. One Friday night his best friend came to stay over after they had been out on a date with their girlfriends. It was late and I had been asleep in my twin bed in the room I shared with my brother. I awakened briefly due to their talking while undressing for bed. I remember they decided they were too big to share my brother's twin bed so James, the friend, got in my bed - I scooted over to give him room and began to doze back to sleep. Shortly, maybe 20 minutes, later I awoke and felt his hand on my pajama fly. I thought it was accidental and pushed it away, and rolled over - away from him. Soon I felt his hand reach over my hip and separate my pajama fly and squeeze my little soft penis. A first I pushed his hand away, but he persisted in playing with it.
Not wanting to awaken my brother, I decided to just lay still. Not a word was said, but as he continued playing with me, I began to get a stiffy. It began to tingle and feel pleasant as when I would play with it while falling asleep. Soon I rolled onto my back so he could have better access, and he pulled my pj's down to my knees. By now it was feeling better than I had ever achieved, not orgasm, just really good sensations so far. H e then took one of my hands and quietly laid it on the front of his white briefs. The feeling I felt was warm to the touch and a big bulge in his shorts. He then pulled his briefs down and placed my hand directly on his cock- To me at the time it felt very hot and seemed huge compared to mine. He was probably 7-8 inches, uncut and had hair around his cock, which I did not have yet. For whatever reason, the size and the hair made me orgasm as he continued to rub up and down on my immature penis. It was dry but unbelievable to me causing my muscles to stiffen and a terrific vibrating sensation all over. I, being fascinated with the size of his dick and hair, began rubbing his cock up and down really fast. Soon he shot this white stuff all over my hand. I was not aware of that, but liked it- so for the next 2-3 years, we would play with each other when the opportunity was there- some sleepovers- some just because he would come by when I happened to be by myself. He showed me how good we can make ourselves feel, and I am an avid jacker to this day.



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