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Sleepover Blue Balls

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This story takes place a few nights ago. I just recently got back from a buddies house, Andrew. I stayed with him for about two weeks, and we were both stuck in the same bedroom.

I have brown hair, I'm quite skinny but muscular, and I have quite a hairy body. Although I keep my pubes trimmed. I have about a 5' dick.

Anyway, so at this stage, I had been at Andrews house for a week or so, and he decided to invite over a couple more of his friends to spend the night and watch a movie or two. So, Simon and Luke came over in the afternoon and we chilled.

Andrews parents took us to the video shop to pick a movie. Luckily it was Andrew's dad with us and he let us get a R-rated movie. He just told us to keep it down because he knew Andrews mom wouldn't have allowed it.

We headed home and it was awhile before we actually got around to watching the movie. I think we only started watching at like 10.30 pm. So, 10 minutes in and there's the first flash of boobs, the best kind, big but not that overly huge fake looking kind. It was at this point when it hit me that I hadn't wanked in a whole week!

I felt kind of guilty as I felt a boner begin to grow in my boxers, which were, luckily, hidden under a blanket.

Through the first sex scene, I could feel my dick pressing against my boxers, but by the looks of it I was the only one suffering. The smooth material my boxers were made out of weren't helping either.

After a very uncomfortable hour and a half, the movie ended. Now I was luckily in a bed, as was Andrew, Simon and Luke were both sleeping on mattresses on the floor between me and Andrew's beds.

We spoke for awhile, but we were all tired and eventually Andrew and Luke fell asleep. I pretended to be asleep because I was so horny, and determined to have a jacking session before the morning. It was 10 minutes before I heard a familiar rubbing sound.

I opened my eyes, and turned my head slightly to look where Simon was sleeping. There was no mistaking someone else had the same idea as me. He was lying with his knees up, but his hand would occasionally bump the blanket, and I could tell he was jacking off without a doubt. I watched him with a boner the whole time. Suddenly the sound quickened and I could see him thrust into the air and open his mouth, a small noise escaping as he did so. He lay down breathing for a second before fipping the blanket off himself, exposing his huge semi-hard cock. I wished the lighting was better, but I took what I could get. He reached under his pillow and pulled out a sock, he proceeded to wipe the cum up into it, before pulling up his shorts and rolling over to sleep.

It took him about 15 minutes to fall asleep, and during this time I could hardly wait to begin stroking my throbbing dick. I pulled down my boxers, and began slowly first, just jerking it once or twice and then waiting. A technique I had used for many years. Then I started jerking at a normal slower pace, rubbing my precum on my penis head with my thumb, I am circumsized. Over a few minutes I speed up.

All the time thinking of Simon's blanket moving and what was happening underneath to his massive 6' snake! I could feel cum coming, so I stopped. Waiting a moment or two before beginning again.

I did this for another two or three times before I heard Simon roll over and mumble something in his sleep, I couldn't contain myself as a huge jolt shot through my body, sending electrifying volts into my dick and four huge thick white ropes of cum onto my chest, and even hitting my chin and nose.

I relaxes my hands, let them drop to my side as I recovered from my massive orgasm. When I decided I was ready to clean up, I had originally planned to sneak through to the bathroom with my boxers around my thighs, and use toilet paper. But now an idea, totally erotic, came to mind. I reached down and got Simon's sock from under the jersey where he had hidden it! I used it to clean up my cum, the feeling of the sock, wet with his cum, caused a small amount of cum to shoot out my dick.

This was one of the best moments in my entire life, and although I am not gay, I do find masturbation, especially in men, a huge turn on for me. To this day I fantasize about how many more times Simon used his sock to clean himself, not knowing the present I had left behind for him.



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