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Sleepover Back Massages

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My first happy ending


Kara was my best childhood friend. I've known her for as long as I can remember. We would always play 'house' in her attic, I would be the mom and she would be the dad. Once it was 'bedtime' we would always hump because thats what 'sex' was. It felt so amazing and I never wanted it to stop but we both would get nervous after a few seconds and stop.

One amazing night we decided to sleep in her sisters bed since she was at college. We talked about boys, changing bodies and sex. After reading some cosmo and getting really horny, Kara asked me if I wanted to give each other back massages. I agreed. She pulled out a vibrating back massager and told me her mom had just bought it and it feels amazing.

I took off my shirt and let my flat chest lay on the bed. She moved the massager around my back, up and down, for about five minutes. Then she started massaging my butt and told me how important it was to have your butt massaged. I obviously kept letting her do it. I was going nuts. Then finally she moved it and grazed my pussy, I slowly opened my legs a little bit more so that she would accidentally do it again.

Boy was I right, she would hold it on my pussy for five seconds at a time. After about 10 more minutes she stopped and said it was her turn. She took her shirt off, stripped down to her panties and laid on her back. She said all she wanted was a butt massage so that's where I started. I slid it over her pussy about 10 times and she twitched every time. I started to get nervous because I knew it was so wrong so I stopped. She thanked me and we went to bed.

The next day after we ate breakfast she asked if I wanted to go play board games in her room. About 20 minutes into the game, we started talking about how good the massager was, Kara grabbed it and said she was gonna give herself a massage. She turned on the music, locked the door, then laid on the ground fully clothed. She laid the massager right on her pussy and held it there. You could tell she was trying to act like it didn't feel fantastic, in fact I was getting pissed.

I wanted to use it on myself and she was taking forever. All I could do was stare at her twitches and feel my pussy throb. Finally her body tensed for 10 seconds and she stopped. I grabbed it from her and did the same thing, the vibrating felt so good on my throbbing pussy with kara watching that I came in five seconds. I let out a little moan but tried to act like I didn't come.

Kara and I did this many more times through the whole year and even scissored each other before we'd go to bed. One time I even snuck into Kara's room while she was downstairs, plugged in the massager and put it to my naked clit with her mom in the other room. I'd get myself off as many times as I could before I heard someone coming. mmm I'm gonna get myself off now just by thinking about it.



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