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Sleepover at Sarah's

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This is a story of one of my favourite memories that get me into 'the mood'


Me(Katie) and my best friend (Sarah), well we've been friends since we were in pre-school so yeah you could say we are pretty tight. Although we have never done it together we both figured out masturbation at the same time and are very open about it with each other and if we happen to be together when either of us get an urge we tend to go in the other room or bathroom and do it in private, hehe, having said that... we have jilled off in the school toilets in separate stalls.

So I was over Sarah's house for a sleep over one night, we had a few other friends just to hang out for a bit and swim in the pool, at one point I walk in on Sarah, she was making out with one of the boys in the bathroom which is something I've never caught Sarah doing, I was getting a good look at the outline of the other boys junk as their pants stuck to there bodies and because I hadn't come in a few days I was really getting hot if you know what I'm talking about.

So after a full afternoon of gossiping with girls and flirting with the boys everyone decided to go, we rinsed off in the outdoor shower and then had some dinner with Sarah's parents by the time that was over my vag had cooled off a fair bit and I didn't want to risk getting caught finger fucking myself in the bathroom, I just decided to leave it and let my frustration build up a few more hours, so after dinner we went to her room to change and watch some movies in bed.

Since it was summer I changed out of my wet bikini and into some cotton panties and a tight singlet, as I turned around to go and sit down on the bed I saw Sarah completely naked with her gorgeous butt staring at me as she was going through her dresser. I gave a wolf whistle and commented how I would love to have her butt cause mines nowhere near as cute, to which she called bullshit and pulled some panties up and a loose shirt over her head and put a movie on.

After about half an hour of idle talk I asked what was up with her making out with Jason 'we were just flirting with each other and figured it would be fun, but I think he was using too much tongue because it wasn't that great'(neither of us have kissed any boys before)she said he got a hard on too and she could feel it rubbing against her tummy and that's when she stopped and came back out to the pool, by this part of her story I was so wet again, I want to know what it's like having a hard cock rubbing up and down my stomach and what they taste like, I want to have one fill my pussy surly it's better than using my fingers or my hairbrush handle.

We kept talking about boys and stuff like that and when the movie finished we were tired and turned it off to go to sleep (we share Sarah's double bed it saves me having to sleep on the floor and there is plenty of room)I really wanted to fuck myself but I didn't want to get up and go to the toilet, I couldn't calm myself down so I asked Sarah 'hey Sarah? I am really Horny do you mind if I have a quickie over on your computer chair?' She replied 'yeah go for it but you don't have to go over to the chair just do it here if you want'. It was dark enough and I figured if she felt uncomfortable with it she wouldn't have offered. So I had one hand on my tit and one hand in my panties rubbing away, I was starting to thrust my hips and moan, feeling my orgasm starting to build I had my eyes closed and all I heard was 'oh my god your so fucking hot', I opened my eyes and looked at her she had moved in close to me and had one hand up her shirt and the other down her panties.

I was so close to coming I couldn't stop and the sight of her just sent me over the edge I was still feeling the waves coming over, my legs still clamped tight on my hand and pussy contracting around my fingers. When I rolled on my side our foreheads were almost touching and I could feel her hot breath on my face, I leant in and gave her a peck on the lips as she moaned, and I whispered 'come for me baby'I pulled my fingers out and brought them to my mouth and watched her as she came, she was in heaven. She was trembling and moaning, she looked so sexy I couldn't help but lean in for another kiss this time with our mouths open as she moaned into mine.

We ended up doing a lot more that night, it all just escalated from that, we fingered each other and kissed a lot, we had a lot of fun and the orgasms were amazing. I will write a part 2 later on because this story has been long enough.



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