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I just recently found this site via Google, and I thought that some of these stories are pretty interesting. So, I will share one of my past experiences. It happened back when I was 13 years old, and in the eighth grade. I had many friends, but there were two girls in particular that I always hung out with. Their names were Sarah and Ashley.

Ashley had blonde hair, was sort of tall, had a really nice slender body and what I think was B cup size back then. Ashley was also the only one to have braces. Sarah was a bit shorter, and she had shoulder length black hair, really skinny body, and smaller breasts than Ashley and me. I was and am brunette, I was skinny, and I had about the same size boobs as Ashley.

One Friday night, Sarah and I planned to have a sleepover. But during the day, we thought it would be a good idea to invite Ashley as well. She thought it would be fun, so later after school they both came to my house. My mother was out that night because she was a nurse on call, and they called her in. So it was my father and me because I was an only child. When Sarah and Ashley arrived, we went into the living room and I had already set a movie up. We were just planning on watching movies, eating popcorn, and regular sleepover stuff, but that is not how things turned out. The movie was over quite late, and my father was already asleep by now.

Ashley and I changed into our night clothes. Sarah had gotten dressed earlier. We all had something similar on, a tank top with short bottoms, except Ashley who had long pajama bottoms on.

We decided to go to my room and make up stuff to do because we never liked the fact of going to sleep at a sleepover. In my room, we had our sleeping bags on the floor. So we just decided to chat while sitting on the floor.

We started out with gossiping about people, then it moved to school classes, and somehow made its was to the topic of cute boys in school. We talked about this certain boy that was in our English class, and we talked about how cute he was. Then I noticed something about Sarah. She was sitting crossed legged and her shorts were tight around her crotch. I noticed that she had a small wet spot. I said to her 'looks like you're enjoying this conversation'. She did not understand, so I sort of moved my eyes in the direction of her pants, and then she blushed and changed positions. Ashley and I laughed, and Sarah sort of giggled.

In some way or another, the conversation turned into masturbation. Sarah said that she masturbated about four times a week, and Ashley said that she did it almost every day. We all kept putting our input into the conversation and eventually Sarah asked if we could do it now.

At first I was a bit hesitant to say yes, but I came to my senses and agreed along with Ashley. We did not know what we were going to do, So I said let's just take off our clothes and watch each other. So we all took all of our clothes off, and sat there making a triangle looking at each other. I had never seen anyone else naked and I was amazed at how they looked and made me feel. Ashley looked gorgeous and had a shaved vagina, but Sarah and I did not.

We each discussed and demonstrated how we usually do it, and the common way was to just use our fingers and move them in and out. So that's what we all began to do. We were fingering ourselves and the feeling was great. Just the thought of me watching two girls masturbate and me masturbate in front of me made me very very horny.

We were doing this until I noticed that Ashley was about to cum. Her face squinted up, her chest rose, she took deep breaths, and finally started squirming and trying to keep quiet. Sarah soon followed, and lastly I followed.

I was amazed by this, and on the rare occasions that we had a sleepover in the future we did this. This had been one of my best memories, but those days are past now. I hope you enjoyed reading.





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