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Looking back on it now, I can see I was a pretty sheltered child. When I first started highschool at 14, I was still clueless about Masturbation. In junior school , we had 'sex education', but it really was just a sort of introduction into puberty. I didnt have the internet, and my step brothers were still being secretive about their habits, so I really didnt ever have a clue.

I learned to masturbate over a series of sleepovers. It was a few weeks after the start of high school, and I had somehow been invited to a sleepover at a boy's house. His name was Will, and when I turned up, there was about ten or so other people from my year there.

The usual sleepover stuff happened. Pillow fights, play wrestling, and video games. We were all hyper and loud. As we changed for bed (Most just stripped to their underwear), laying our sleeping bags down on the living room floor, the play turned to 'Pantsing' someone. Whenever they would walk past, you would yank down someones underwear, giving them a brief view of their teenage cock before they hastily covered it.

As the lights went out and we settled into our sleeping bags, people began talking about 'wanking' or 'jerking off'. I had no idea what they meant, and was too afraid to ask.

'Im so horny, I do it about 7 times a day.'

'No way'

'And my weiner is like 8 inches!' boasted another.

'Guys! Guys!' someone hissed, 'Chris is asleep!'.

I remember what happened next, because my sleeping bag happened to be right next to a boy called Chris. It was pitch black, but people pulled out their torhces and shone them on Chris' face, to show he was indeed asleep. The light showed his pale skin and blonde hair, his eyes closed as he slept peacefully.

'Out the way, out the way!' whispered Will, who shuffled forward so that he was over the sleeping boys head. With a hurried movement, he flicked his limp penis out of his tighty-whitie underwear, and began pulling his foreskin up and down.

'Groooosss' said several of the boys, but no one went to stop him or moved. They all shone their torches at his cock, swiftly becoming erect,as his rapid pumping movements cast shadows on the ceiling.

'Come on guys join in..' he gasped, his hips now thrusting in unison with his hand. No one moved, but Will just carried on anyway. I was transfixed by his penis, which had grown from about 3 inches to about 6 or so in a very short time. I remember thinking about how thick it was, with his foreskin moving up and down over his protuding head.

I was also amazed at how much pubic hair he had, and he delighted in making his low hanging balls slap to the sound of his wanking.

Soon enough, Will began to emit low moans, and his face was in pure ecstacy. He began to go faster and faster, till his face screwed up, and his gasping intensified.

With one final moan, he began 'shooting', but really it was just a thin, tiny amount of liquid. It dripped out of his dick, and fell into Chris' curly blonde hair.

Will pumped his penis for a little bit, then sat back, grinned at everyone and crawled back into his sleeping bag. The room went death quiet, but soon people were laughing and joking like normal.

I, however, was intrigued. Having no idea what had happened, but not wanting to seem dumb by asking, I kept quiet. It wasn't till sometime later that I tried it out for myself.

I remember that Chris never really found out what had happened. It somehow got out that Will had 'preformed' at his sleepover, but there wasn't enough conformation for people to be sure, and it never bothered him too much.



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