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At first I was embarrassed but I was glad it happened


My first orgasm was from an older cousin. He was almost 15 and I was 13. I was on a sleepover at his house. His parents went to bed and left us with some dvds to watch in his room. It ended up he was horny and started talking about getting boners. Then he talked me into showing dicks. He took off his pants and his boxers were all tented. He put his hand inside and started playing with his dick. He told me to take off my pants so I did. My baggy briefs were starting to stick out. He said, do it on three. So he counted and pulled down his boxers in the front so that his boner popped up. I did it too and my three incher was pointed straight up. His was big and had a dark bush. It wagged out in front of him when he moved around. He asked me if I got boners and I say yeah. I had a hard on every day when I woke up.

Then he asked me if I ever heard of jacking off. I heard boys say it but didn't really know much about it. He told me its what boys do with their dicks. His hand was on his dick and he was rubbing it up and down real slow. Then he said can I touch your dick. I said I didn't care and he put his hand on my dick and started moving the skin up and down. It made my hairless boner tickle but that was all. He said you do it to me. He took my hand and moved it to his dick. I wrapped my hand around it and it felt hot. I started moving my hand up and down. It went on for a while then he told me to stop. He started doing it to me again. He also touched me right behind my nutsac and it made my dick jump. It started feeling funny down in my stomach.

Then he stopped and wanted me to do it to him some more. He laid back on his bed and I was sitting beside him. I grabbed his dick again and felt his pubes. He laid there and played with his nuts. Then he told me to go faster. He said I think its going to work. Right then his boner throbbed in my hand and he said fuck, I'm going to cum. He made some noises then his jizz started pumping out on his stomach. It was a lot and started to run off down his side. He grabbed his underwear and wiped it up. Then he told me to lay down and grabbed mine and started stroking it again. He said think about girls. My dick started tickling again, then it felt all funny down in my stomach and in my legs. I kind of shook. It felt so good.

He kept on going and pretty soon my pisshole started burning and two squirts of pee came out and hit my leg. He let go of my dick and gave me his spermy underwear to wipe my leg with. The next night we tried it again and that time I didn't pee but it still felt good. I didn't get sperm until over a year later.



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