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Sleeping With Ted

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Ted showed me this site..as well as other things


When I was 13 my older brother Ted, who was 15 at the time, had to share my room with me for a week. His room was having work done to it. I had the space to share, a queen-sized bed. The first night was the benchmark of what the rest of the week would be like.

Ted and I always got along. We decided to talk for a few minutes before sleeping. After some minor chatter,Ted rolled on his side facing away from me. I laid on my stomach. It is favorite position since I liked to grind. Well, I had a hard time sleeping. I heard Ted sorta breathing heavy and the bed was shaking a little. I asked, 'Are you okay?'. He paused and said 'Yep.' I rolled over and snuggled against his back.

When I put my arm around his stomach I felt something warm and fleshy. I knew what it was and I withdrew my hand. Both of us stopped breathing for a few seconds. I don't know why, but I reached around and put my hand back on his cock. I held his shaft with a soft grip. I whispered, 'like this?'. He whispered, 'yes'. He covered my hand with his and we stroked slowly. My heart was thumping. I had never touched a cock before. What if our parents walked in? Ted's cock seemed bigger than the hot dogs at Dodger Stadium. My panties were soaked with moisture. I figured Ted jerked off (I jilled) but I never thought I would be helping him. It took a few minutes before his cock swelled and throbbed. His body tensed and my hand was covered in hot sticky mess. When he finished we wiped off on the sheets and agreed to silence.

The next night was very awkward. I think both of us were expecting an encore perfomance. It didn't happen. The third night was when our guards were let down. I was on my side facing away from Ted. He snuggled up to me. I knew. His hard cock was pressed against my ass-cheeks. His hand went up the front of my nightgown and began to fondle my small budding tits. My whole body tingled. After a little bit of touchy feely, we ended up with my panties off and his rock hard pole between my thighs. We were still in the spoon position. I held his cock with my sweaty thighs as he sorta trusted back and forth. His hand rubbed my small tits as he softly kissed the back of my neck. I was on cloud nine. I would have been in heaven if he were inside of me. My pussy was so wet. I used figertip and circled around the pee-hole of his cock. I didn't know what pre-cum was but that was the lube I was playing with. Ted moved his hand down to my crotch. With his finger he diddled my clit just like I do when I'm jilling. I shook and shuddered as I whispered his name over and over. Then I felt a relaxing feeling, a wave of happiness...the big 'O'. I let out a small squeal. Ted humped between my thighs faster and quickly came. I felt the power of his rod. His cock throbbing between my thighs was different than in my hand. His first shot flew out of the bed and onto the floor. The rest kinda dribbled in between my thighs. Making them sticky and gooey. We repeated our sessions for the next 3 nights. After that we would masturbate together only if we had the house to ourselves.

A year later we stopped because we became more involved in other relationships. Ted and I still talk about those wonderful nights. We think our parents either knew or suspected. They could have heard us and I'm sure our mom saw the cum stains on my sheets when she did the laundry that week.

Thank you Ted. I love you.



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