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Sleeping with my dear friend

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I would have never imagined my friend was capable of doing things like these... and especially not with me.


I decided to invite five friends from summer one day, living in different cities (and countries) we hadn't seen each other for some time. We were all excited about the weekend we were going to spend together, especially me, since I had had a summer "relationship" with one of the boys who was coming and so was curious to see what was going to happen.

The answer is simple: nothing happened with him. I guess distance and time made it difficult for us to see each other like we used to. But I discovered that my friend Alex wasn't as innocent as I imagined.

He was 16 at the time, blonde, with blue eyes and a nice body, during summer we had been best friends and had done lots of crazy stuff together, and we weren't going to stop that weekend!

When night came, I ended up sleeping with Alex in a king sized bed. I was excited and when I realized he was going to bed wearing only boxer briefs and a shirt I started to get a bit aroused as thoughts came to my mind.

I was wearing a long tight shirt, my nipples were perfectly visible and my bare legs too.

As soon as I got in bed, Alex turned the opposite way and lay on his side, right on the edge of the bed. I was really sad because we used to be really close and this didn't look like him anymore, so I lay right next to him. With my head on his pillow and an arm on his shoulder, moving down his side and back to the shoulder.

He whispered:"What are you doing?" and I simply replied:"Cuddling, trying to warm you up, you seem cold"

He answered: "Stop touching me, really just stop!"

But I didn't follow his command and I lay right against him. He stopped telling me to leave him alone and my arm fell across his waist, near the hard on he was trying to hide from me.

When he realized I had understood he said:"now you see why you have to stay away?"

"why! You think I'm so innocent? Or I'll get scared or something?"

At that point I dared to put my leg over his and to my surprise he turned around, facing me. And started to kiss me, with great force and as the kiss deepened I could feel his hard on against me and his hand on my back, getting lower and lower until he was cupping my ass.

Before I could realize, he was over me, I could feel his weight on my body, his lips on mine, quick. They later passed to my neck, kissing, sucking, until they found the collar of my shirt. His strong arms didn't need a lot of time to take that off and in a matter of seconds I was wearing panties while he had his boxers.

His hands reached my boobs, he started to play with them, delicately, stopping to tease me and then restarting again. But when he started sucking on my nipples he never stopped, he continued until he knew we were both ready for more.

It was him who started taking his underwear off first, and as he waited for me to do the same I took a long glance at his dick, it was the first I'd ever seen and looked perfect, long, with some big veins and some precum running down it.

When we were both naked, I felt his hand on my thighs, reaching my pussy tentatively. He asked if I was sure and to show him how certain I was I placed his fingers right on my clit.

He started circling it with one finger, lightly at first, getting quicker and adding pressure when he saw the effect it was having on me.

I started breathing deeply and letting out occasional suffocated moans. He then slipped his fingers in my slit, still circling my clit. As his fingers moved in and out of me slowly but hitting my g-spot and his other finger continued to work on my clit, I felt the pressure of an orgasm inside me. And then it hit me. While he was working, I came, my pussy contracting around his fingers and my body quivering and having powerful spasms.

He was about to stop, but I told him to continue, moaning, until he put his mouth over mine to keep me quiet and to kiss me. I had at least three orgasms that night with him.

But he was still naked... It was his turn now to relax.

What happened later will be in my next story!



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