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Sleeping With My Brother

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This first happened a few years ago, my mother and father were always breaking up and moving out from each other's houses, my mam would take my sister away usually and my brother Mark and I would be left with my dad.

It was usually a couple of months, but on this occasion it went on for much longer!!! They first left each other when I was 12 and my brother was 14, meaning that at last we got our own beds!! It was not until a year and a half later that my mother and sister finally came back to the house after living with my grandparents. This then meaning that I had to share a bedroom and a bed with my brother.

I remember the first night quite well, Mark came stomping into my room as I was playing video games and made his feelings very clear about how he felt about sharing a room and a bed at out age. I reassured him that it would be ok, but he was not convinced. About an hour later we were both getting ready for bed when Mark came out with, 'well there is no way that I can wear Pj's again.' to which he pulled his bottoms off exposing his 6' semi cock. To my eyes it really was perfect!! I knew he was uncut, the same as me, but I hadn't seen it when it was in this state and it looked amazing. I was totally in awe of my brothers cock!! The slight view of the helmet and slit made me instantly hard, caught up in the moment I told him hoe I was also not going to be wearing pj's!!

I quickly took my clothes off and dived into bed next to him. I don't even think he really saw my cock as I was so fast. I did this on purpose as I was embarrassed because I was now fully erect at the situation!!!

I lay there for several minutes, thinking about my naked brother next to me until I eventually fell asleep.

I was awoken by the alarm and my brother had his leg over my crotch and I was sporting an almighty hard on!! I woke him up and he apologised. I then went into the bathroom and wanked straight into the sink, thinking about him touching me!! The next night things got MUCH more interesting!

I went to bed early as I was tired from playing football with my mates.

I was woken a few hours later, by Mark touching my package and humping my leg. He was startled by me waking up, but quickly explained how he fancied his own brother and wanted to fuck me. I wasn't up for that but did agree to wanking each other off!!

So there I was, pulling back my brothers foreskin exposing his big pink gland and wanking him until he blew his load. Right before he blew his load he leant over and grabbed a pair of my boxers, he told me that he wanted to cum into them and then for me to wear them the next day. He pushed my hand aside and wrapped my boxers around his thick cock and pumped it until he filled it full of his teen spunk. Then, instead of putting it to one side for me to wear the next day he shoved the cum soaked pants straight into my face and made me suck his juice out of it, even though I made out that I was reluctant, I was really dying to taste what my brothers balls was producing, and I wasn't disappointed! It tasted amazing!!!

After I had sucked all of the cum out of my boxers he then gave me a couple of tugs and I shot my load all over the place!!! We went to sleep after that with him hugging my cum soaked body. These sort of encounters are still going on at our age!! As we are still both at home and still both love tasting each others cum.



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