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Sleeping Nude

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While writing the other story (Pleasant Quicky) it got me to thinking....


Sleeping Nude
In writing my last story I got to wondering, how many of you sleep in the nude?
If you have a spouse, does he / she sleep nude too?
When did you start? Why?
I've been sleeping naked since I was in my teens. Partially, it's just more comfortable. But mostly it gives me quick and easy access in case I want to masturbate, and I often do.
My wife started when she got her first apartment. She said she loved the feel of the sheets against her nude body, found it very erotic, especially the sheets rubbing against her nipples. For the first few months after she started doing it she'd masturbate three or four times a night, plus once more in the morning. In the years after that she'd sleep nude, or at most with just a t-shirt on. This left her pussy open so she could easily finger it at her leisure.
After we got married she started sleeping nude every night, so we could both enjoy touching each other every day. It's great to be masturbating late at night and be able to caress her naked form while she sleeps.
Sleeping nude can also lead to some fun times. Way back when I was dating the lady who I would later marry then divorce (call her L), sleeping nude worked to my advantage. I had worked until late the night before, and was sleeping in. L came to see me, using her key to let herself in.
She found me in the bedroom, asleep. I had kicked off the blankets and was lying on my back nude. She later said my dick was rock hard, and it just got her all turned on. She quietly took off her clothes, and knelt beside the bed. I awoke to the feeling of her wet mouth sucking my cock.
When she noticed I was awake she smiled then got up and slid her plump pussy right down over my wet dick. We then proceeded to fuck noisily, she leaned over and smothered me with her titties and pretty soon we were both cumming all over each other. Only then did she say 'Good Morning!'
She rolled beside me and cuddled up to me. Still tired, I fell back asleep. I awoke a short time later with her stroking my hard again cock. I was still a bit out of it, all I knew was it felt damn good her masturbating me like that. Only moments later I began cumming, shooting my jism all over both of us.
I looked at her, and she shrugged her shoulders and said 'Well, hey, it just got all hard again while you were sleeping, and I couldn't resist touching it.' She giggled and said 'C'mon sleepy head, let's go get a shower.'
So lets hear from you folks! Tell me about your sleeping in the buff! I'd love to hear about when your first started, and what your experiences are like.
Plump Lvr



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