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Sleeping in the Nude

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Interested in knowing sleeping habits of others also.


Hi, again! For over half of the 40 years we've been married, I've enjoyed sleeping in the nude. Then in the middle of the night when I awaken I can snuggle up close to my wife and can feel her smooth thighs or butt cheeks against my shaft. By touching her soft, smooth, warm skin, it doesn't take long till an erection starts! As long as she's sleeping long heavy breaths, I can slide my love wand back and forth until she rolls over or otherwise changes her breathing patterns. As she is a professional and works hard, I don't really need her to get upset with me interrupting her sleep. She slicks up my wand with lotion sometimes till she tires and then tells me to take over, so it's not that she minds me tickling myself or sliding my shaft on her thighs. She even lets me slide my shaft across the inside of her thighs when she's lying in bed reading and swings her leg across my stomach. So, it's just that I simply don't want her losing sleep because I am a conscientious, caring husband.
I'll finish my story about sliding my shaft back and forth on her thighs and then go back to my story about sleeping in the nude. It was probably 15 or 20 years ago that I stroked very slowly taking considerable discipline not to speed up and had the longest ejaculation shots of my life! I may have written about this in another story, but am not sure which one, or maybe it didn't get posted. Anyway when I orgasmed, once my ejaculate landed on the pillow right by my right ear! I heard it and looked and there it was, a full 2 feet from the tip of my manhood to my ear! Another time, same activity, it landed by my left ear! Those are the farthest my geyser or volcano has ever shot!
It took me a long while to get over my bashfulness in order to sleep in the nude. I started by wearing only my trunks or only my T-shirt before I had the nerve to leave both off. But I heartily enjoy it now for a number of reasons:
1) It's exciting to feel the bedcovers softly gliding over any part of my body.
2) My manhood likes the freedom because it is not so cramped in my shorts like it is all day.
3) The feelings of being able to touch my wife's smooth, soft, warm, bare skin with my shaft any time I awaken during the night is wonderful.
4) When I awaken to discover a nighttime erection (See 'Nighttime Erection' posted March 10),I have ready access to my erection without having to reach inside my trunks or remove them in order to play with my shaft.
5) When I need to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, the fresh air flowing around my body caresses it so gently.
6) Best of all, however, is that ANYTIME my wife is so inclined, I am completely accessible for her to touch any part of my body she chooses! Often when she touches my shoulder or chest or stomach or thigh, I'll move her hand to my shaft if it seems that she might be going to sleep without touching me there. In the mornings that I have an erection when we awaken, I can quickly lay my erection in her hand without making her reach into my trunks or pulling them down.
I grew up in a very conservative home and never even thought about sleeping in the nude as a boy. One guy I know casually mentioned that his parents told him as a youth that we are 'born with clothes on.' No matter how much I beg and plead with my wife to leave her nightclothes off for the night because it's dark, there are only the 2 of us, and we're covered by the bedding, she absolutely refuses to sleep in the nude. She may lie there for a while and let me stroke her body, but when she's ready to fall asleep, she lean over, pick up her nightgown, and pull it over before shutting her eyes for hte night. Very seldom can I even get her to sleep without her panties on. When she does, I get an erection VERY QUICKLY when I awaken at night and touch her bare butt cheeks. And my wand get's even harder if she's lying on her back so I can reach over and play with her fuzzy crotch hair. Sometimes my back stiffens involuntarily! I call her fuzzy crotch hair her 'Love Nest' in preference to her reference to is as her briar patch. See 'Picnic in the Grass for Tiffany' posted March 24.
I'd certainly be very interested in knowing from other females their experiences in how they overcame their embarrassment to finally accomplish sleeping in the nude. I'd also like to read about your feelings you enjoy by not wearing clothing as you fall asleep, awaken during the night, and awaken in the morning completely naked! I'd also appreciate suggestions from females how I can convince my wife to sleep in the nude. In other words, I want to read losts more stories from females! RC



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