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Sleep over With My Best Friend

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Sorry about the length of the story!


This is a true story, I've just added in some details that get lost over time.

It was spring break when my best friend Josh was 15 and I was 14. We spent practically every day together, as his parents had gone away to see friends for a week or so. We would always be working out, jogging, kickboxing or just hanging out, so we were used to each other's bodies and being around each other partly dressed etc, and today was no different. We'd just got back from a run and were stood shirtless on my porch, just in our shorts and trainers, sweating heavily.

Remembering what we looked like then, I was quite tall so looked the same age as Josh. We both exercised a lot so had good toned bodies with almost no fat. I'm not gay, and despite Josh being my best friend, I knew he was hot. He had a year round tan and a killer smile, great abs, pecs, the works.


As it was a nice day, very hot for that time of year, we decided to not get changed, just walk to his empty house and chill out there, and come back to mine the next day. We got to his house in the afternoon and hung out in the garden, sunbathing for a few hours talking about girls, sex, masturbation etc and both getting quite hard.

When the sun went down we went inside and both threw on a sweater to keep warm. We ordered a pizza and whiled away a few hours watching tv and playing video games. Eventually we got bored, so I suggested we play cards.

'But what are we playing for?' Josh asked, as neither of us had chips or money. 'Clothes?' I suggested. So we started playing strip blackjack.

I lost the first round, taking off my sweater. 'What are we going to do when someone is naked?' I asked.

'Errrm, okay, the loser has to do whatever the winner wants.' Josh said 'No matter what'. I felt my dick stir in my shorts, as Josh flashed me a cheeky grin. He then lost the next two rounds, so he was sat there in his boxers, neither of us making any attempt to cover our erections anymore.

He then lost the last round, and stood up, facing away from me. He slipped his hands under his black boxershorts and slid them down to reveal his perfectly round, white butt. He turned to face me slowly and whispered 'So what can I do for you?' in such a sexy way I didn't know what to say.

Before I could answer, he knelt down behind me (we were sat on the floor) and started rubbing my shoulders and back. He told me to stand up and follow him to his room, where he pushed me down onto the bed, so I was laying on my front. I felt him sit on my butt, with a leg either side of me. The way he was rubbing my back and the warmth of his body on mine was relaxing me so much. He moved further down my legs and started to massage my upper thighs as well. He slipped my shorts down and off, then pulled my boxers down just enough to uncover my butt so he could rub that too.

I managed to turn over underneath him, so he could massage my front. He worked on my chest and abs, and spent a while playing with my nipples, using his fingers and tongue. By this time I had my eyes closed and was breathing deeply. I felt him lightly brush my rock hard dick through my underwear, so it twitched. He pressed his own dick against my crotch and leant his face down next to mine 'This is a full body massage you know, does this bit need some attention too?' he whispered. All I could manage as a response was 'Nnng' and a nod of my head.

He slid my boxers all the way off, and started rubbing my dick like a pro. I couldn't take much before I could feel the pressure building up around my groin. I pushed him off me and took his position, feeling his body all over, from his chest and nipples to his rock solid abs, and then his hard penis. As I stroked it, he reached up and took mine in his right hand and my butt in his left, pulling my body down onto him. Together we started pressing our bodies against each other, breathing heavily and still stroking. As we both neared our climaxes, we started thrusting more and held on tight, as we both shot our hot boy cum all over our bodies.

We both collapsed next to each other, feeling our sweat and cum mix together and breathing in the aroma of our young bodies. Josh picked up my boxers and wiped most of the mess away, then we decided without words just to get under the duvet and sleep naked together, our warm bodies touching lightly.

At one point, we were both awake looking at each other in the dim light. Our faces moved closer and our lips touched. I felt his soft tongue part my lips, and I returned the kiss. We stayed that way for a few minutes, exploring each other's mouths with our tongues, and bodies with our hands-touching everything we could reach. Although it felt undeniably good, we both decided afterwards that it was a little too far; kissing was for couples.

In the morning, I could feel my erection had come back. I looked over at Josh to see him on his side, facing away from me. I ran my fingers up and down his smooth back, feeling the softness of his skin and the firmness of his butt. I moved up close behind him and pressed my hard dick against his taught butt cheeks and felt him twitch as he woke up. He flexed his bum a little as he let me know he enjoyed the feeling.

I reached over him and took hold of his hard cock again, pumping it harder and faster than the night before, enjoying the way he pressed back into me as his muscles tightened. As he went over the edge, his legs curled right up and I felt his hot cum all over my hand. After he relaxed, he turned to face me and said 'Roll over, it's your turn'. I did as I was told and felt his still semi-hard penis against my butt cheeks, then his hand on my dick.

He didn't hold back either, and it wasn't long before I was shooting more of my cum and panting for breath.

We both lay there soaking up the atmosphere again, before getting up and spending the rest of the day naked. The rest of the time his parents were away in fact, we were naked together (at his house obviously).

We are still close now and have had a few more experiences since then, but they're for another time. Right now I have to go jack off and think long and hard about my best friend!



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