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Sleep over Surprise Chris and Billy

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When we were 14 and did not know but were all bi curious


It was in high school and my friends Chris and Billy and me were having a sleep over at Billy's house. We had been friends since the beginning of grade 8. It was a Friday night and we were all big talkers but not much girl sex experience. Anyway we watched TV and walked to the corner store and had a sub. On the way back the conversation turned to jacking off. We all admitted we did it and Billy described how when he came the first time at 12 it was just a bit of liquid and by the time he was 13 a glob of cum jelly like would come out too, kinda thick. we all said yes same with us. Well Billy said that now he comes in spurts and lots of it. We all said yea the come now usually dribbles out but sometimes squirts in four or five shots. Then the conversation changed to other stuff. Well about 11:30, we were all on the floor in sleeping bags, the three of us side by side reading,,,comics and Billy suggested hey lets see who can cum first, like a masturbation contest! I felt surprised and shy but billy got out of his sleeping bag, stood up and stripped, when his underwear came off out popped this big, fat, uncircumcised cock, and a long baggy ball sac. He started stroking it standing there and in no time it was rock hard and pointing straight up!. I gasped, then he lay down to my left and held the base of his cock and pulled down the foreskin to reveal a large perfect cock head. Then Chris got on top of his sleeping bag and got naked, I stared at his cock which was hard and it was more like mine, uncircumcised, thick and kinda long but we both had small tight ball sacks. Chris's body was hairless except for a wisp of curly black hair at the base of his cock, I had more hair, kinda brownish and Billy had hair all over his balls.

Then I got naked and still felt weird but now there we were, the three amigos, all with total rock hard erections, fully naked side by side. Billy started stroking and Chris said hey wait lets do this first, lets measure the cocks! Billy got up (we were in the rec room) stark naked and went to a desk and came back with a ruler and some string, seeing him walk around nude I almost blew my load. So Chris got up too and got a pencil and paper and said 'I'll be the judge, lay back' He knelt down by me and said pull your balls down so your cock is pointing straight up, and he shoved the ruler down by the front of my cock and it hurt a bit then held his finger across the top of the cock head, and said 'shit your are dribbling!' Well that was pre come but we did not know that yet. Chris said 7 3/4 long, then took the string and wrapped it around the middle of my cock and my dick tensed and swelled up at his touch, 6 1/4 around, okay next. Then He went over to Billy who was slowly stroking and measured 7 1/2 long and 6 1/2 around, also oozing pre cum. Then Billy measured Chris and it was 6 3/4 and 5 3/4 around, what none of us knew and would not for a couple of years was that we all had pretty large cocks and thick ones too. At this point we started stroking, suddenly I looked to my left and Billy groans, ahhhh, then I see about five little dribbles of thick cum all come out and fill up his belly button and glistening on his tummy, he pulls back the foreskin and wiped down with a tissue. Then Chris grunted and he had a squirt that landed on his chest followed by three or four more and he was really squeezing his cock the head was soaked in cum as, there was like a string of cum dripping out to his belly. Then the guys said your turn. I started stroking and got a tingling feeling then I started pumping my cock faster and Chris said 'let er rip!' wham, I came, a big spurt hit me on the neck and then only a bit dribbled out, after that, we all started laughing and the fun was we never knew that we had big cocks, since they were more or less similar....but we were too find out later.



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