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Sleep Over #2

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Birthday sleepover turns HOTTER

Sleep Over #1


This is a follow-up story to my first story (Sleep Over #1). The morning after my first time with the birthday boy got started when we took a shower together. There we were soaping each other up and rubbing our cocks together when his older brother (25) came in to take a leak. And saw us together. He took a long time washing his hands and combing his hair waiting for us to say something. But what he did was so fucking hot. He started to strip down and asked if there was room for one more. Well we were not sure at first what he thought of seeing his teen brother and preteen friend naked showering but it got us super hard. We rinsed off and told him we were just finishing. We got out and both looked at his hard, shaved cock and balls. As well as a fit and ripped body. As he passed me his hand went across my cock and then he slapped my ass saying, 'Don't get dressed. I want to talk to you guys in a few minutes.' We grabbed our towels and ran to his bedroom where we waited for him. I asked Henry how many times he had seen his brother naked, to which he answered lots and he was always hard too. 'How big is he?' I asked. And Henry said that his brother measured it in front of him once and he is 8-and-a-half inches rock hard. They never did do anything together his brother just wanted to tease him and to show off. It was only about 5 minutes before Ben, his hard cock leading the way, came to talk to us. There we were sitting on his bed with our hardons wondering what us next. He knew that we had been fooling around either the night before and or in the shower so he asked if we wanted to see a real man shoot. We spoke in unison with a big smile on our faces YES. 'Good,' Ben said, who wants to jerk me off? I quickly grabbed his meat ,which shocked him. He jumped back and told me to take it easy. He said that he was going to lay down and let us both take care of him. Henry and I went on either side of him and Ben put some lube on his cock and balls and told us to have fun. So we both took a grip of his cock and slowly started sliding our fists up and down... 'Fuck you are big,' I told Ben. He told me to start playing with is golf ball-sized nuts. I could not believe what was going on. My best friend and I were jacking off his brother. Ben was thrusting his hips up and down fucking our hands. Henry and I could not wait to see him cum. We were in need of some help ourselves. Ben told me to get on my knees between his legs and to bend over and to continue to fist his cock and for Henry to get behind me and to lube up his cock and put it between my legs and fuck my thighs and jack me off. This was such a hot position. Henry's hot cock rubbing on my balls and him jacking me like he did the night before. Ben's hard monster in my hands and getting harder and harder to hold onto because of Ben's movements. Ben told me to stop and bend over even more to let Henry get off because he wanted to see what the birthday boy could do. In doing that my face came down right down to his balls which he told me to lick and suck. Ben continued to jerk off. I could feel Henry slamming his cock in and out of my legs and then he pushed me down and popping his cock out and jerked his hot load all over my back and Ben's chest. Ben wanted me to sit between his legs and jerk us both off at the same time. Dame, here I am about to have a very hot cock to cock jack off session with a buffed stud and his monster meat and my best fried there to cheer me on. So I grabbed his cock and what I could of mine with both hands and started to jerk us off. I wanted to get him off so badly I went at it fast and furious. He was moaning and twisting his head from side to side. We were both sweating up a storm. He was leaking a lot of precum which ran down my hands and to the cracks of our asses. I do not know how I lasted so long but I was time for me to blast, so I shot my wad all over his cock and used it to continue jacking Ben's iron rod. With my cock out of the way I could get a better hold of that monster. He was not going to last much longer. I went at that cock with everything I had. His nuts were slapping against his ass and my hands were burning up his dick. Ben stiffened, his cock got super hard and his balls tightened and I milked eight long hot ropes out of him. It was like old faithful blasting all over the place. He got on my face, his chest, my hair. It was one hell of a big surprise. I worked out every drop that I could. Ben was drained by a horny 12-year-old. We all rested for a few minutes then hit the shower. Ben went first so that gave Henry and I time to digest what just took place. We were getting hard again talking about Ben's huge cock and gallons of cum. Henry and I just laid back and jacked off another load before it was our turn to clean up.........I will be posting more of Ben, Henry and me soon.



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