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Skyping With a Friend

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A chat on line that comes to a wonderful climax


When I signed on to Skype, I saw a female friend of mine was online. We knew each other through work, and enjoyed each other's company, but didn't know each other real well. That was about to change. I was widowed and she was divorced. We started chatting about the weather, but before long she mentioned being lonely. I agreed and we talked about the problems of being alone and it wasn't long before our lack of sex became the topic. I freely admitted to taking things into my own hands at times, and after a short pause, and a blush, she admitted to masturbating at times, too. I laughed and teased her about it, and she laughed back. I asked her how often she masturbated and she said once a month or so, when the urge hit. So when was the last urge? I asked. She said it had been almost two months for her. She had no reason too up until lately. Oh, and now? She cupped her breasts in her hands, lifted them, and smiled. I smiled back.

After a little more flirting, she excused herself and disappeared from the screen. Not long she returned, but she had changed. No longer in a teeshirt, she was wearing a white lacey top. It was flimsy and I could tell she wasn't wearing a bra. I could see the dark outline of her aerolas through it, and immediately I felt my cock begin to stiffen. She began playing with her breasts, staring at me, and I could see her nipples harden.

Before long her left hand slipped out of sight, while her right hand played with her nipple. I unzipped my pants, and pulled out my swollen cock. It had been a long time between sessions for me, too. Neither of us could see the other below the waist, but we could see what was happening. She put both hands out of sight and was rubbing herself as I watched her breasts strain against the tight fabric. Holding my member in my hand, I watched intently, stroking slowly.

Soon, I could hear the squish of her juices as she rubbed. Her eyes were half closed, and her breathing was shallow. I stopped stroking so I wouldn't come. Holding my cock tight, I watched as she pushed her chair back and reached down. She looked at me and smiled as she held up her Hitachi. I heard the hum as she turned it on. She kept her chair back, and I could just see the top of her pubic hair as she pushed the wand against her crotch. She gasped and closed her eyes as it came in contact with her clitoris.

It wasn't long before she started to pant. The wand hummed as she ground it into her groin. I began to stroke again, staring at the screen. She was moaning as she started to shake. I wanted to see her pussy when she came, but it was just out of sight. Her breasts heaved on her chest as she arched her back. I pumped faster as she groaned. She looked right at me, but couldn't see me as her eyes rolled back into her head. With a throaty moan, she began to come. She pressed the wand hard into her clit, twiching against it. With a deep sigh, she climaxed.

She squeezed her legs tight as she pulled the wand out and dropped it on the floor. I could still hear it hum as she slowly opened her eyes and looked at me. With each wave of her orgasm, she jerked, a little less each time. I was stroking hard now, and could feel it build in my belly. She leaned forward as I stroked. Like me, she could only see me from my waist up, but she could tell I was close to coming.

My cock was thick in my hand. I cupped my balls with one hand and stroked my shaft with the other. I was just about to come, so I stopped, gripping the tip of my penis, squeezing it. It pulsed in my hand, wanting to come. So I let it. I began pumping, and with a grunt, I came. Her eyes widened as she watched as I came. Pumping my cock, I shot a rope of cum up onto my chest. And then another one. She couldn't see my cock, but she could see my cum stain my shirt. We smiled as we disconnected.



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