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I live in a cookie-cutter subdivision where most of the homes are exactly the same and very close together. The home beside me is a mirror image of mine. Our master bedroom and bathroom is on the ground floor. When they were building the house I was given the option of installing a Jacuzzi tub that stuck out from the wall under a bay window that has a large skylight on the top. I said no, but the house next door has it installed. The reason I said no was that the only view would be the fence between our houses and it was $8000.

I retired last year and do some drafting work part time. I set up my drafting table in what was a spare second floor bedroom that my wife used for crafts. From the window in the upstairs I can see into the next door bathroom.

I never thought much about it until a new family moved next door. Frankly; they are not very pleasant or friendly. They seem to have several teenage daughters; I'm not really sure how many they all look the same.

What I have noticed is that at least one of the daughters takes a bath each afternoon when she gets home from school. From my desk, if I turn sideways I can look down and watch her in the tub. The first time I saw her she was sitting on the edge, just out of view and seemed to be shaving her legs. She then got into the bath and soaked for a while. I really enjoyed what I saw but that was nothing compared to what I saw next.

Several days later, I was working away when I looked down into the skylight. The girl was lying in the tub with her pussy under the water spout, her hands caressing her breasts. After a moment she put her hands under her knees and with her legs open wide arched her back as she came in what must have been an excellent orgasm. Afterwards, she put in the plug and as the tub filled she lay back and continued to finger herself.

Over the next few weeks I kept an eye on the tub most afternoons. This scene was repeated several times.

There seem to be two daughters who use it. One is a taller curvy girl with wide hips, large breasts and a shaved pussy. I think she is the younger of the two. She is the one who likes to lie under the faucet.

The older girl, perhaps 20, is more petite, with small breasts. She used the tub less often but she will fill it and uses the jets, sitting sideways in the tub with her legs hooked over the edge. I have also seen her use something internally; I think it was a hairbrush buy I can't be sure. Once she put in some bubble bath and the tub overflowed with soap suds.

I have watched them bathe, shave, piss in the tub, insert and remove tampax and most of all masturbate, over and over. These two girls have very high sex drives.

This is my secret. I have been tempted to tell my wife but have not. On the days she is out in the afternoons, usually twice a week; I make sure I am home between 4:15 and 5:00PM. I'll sit naked in my drafting chair and stroke myself while watching them get off. I have managed to come at the exact same moment as they do several times.

I even keep a small bottle of lube and some binoculars in my desk - just in case. I went out in the alley and made sure that with the screen in place that you can't see me in the window. My wife has come in while I was watching, but not masturbating myself and never noticed anything.



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