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Skirt Fetish

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I'm a 30 year old security guard at one of the big insurance companies in the city. About 800 staff work here, almost a third of them woman.

The company introduced a dress code for all employees a few years back when things were getting way too casual amongst the lower ranks. Senior staff are free to choose there suits but for the vast majority, its grey suits for the guys, and black skirts and white blouses for the woman.

Many of the woman wear there skirts short. They all seem to out do each other with length. I walk around most of the day with a perminent boner.

I have a skirt fetish and could go on for hours what it is that turns me on so much and what I really like. No real surprise, that its the short tight ones that really do it.

Being at the front desk at the start and end of the day, I got to notice, that whilst everyone was wearing suits through out the day, they weren't coming in, or going home dressed like that. Fairly obvious they were changing in the building somewhere. Each floor has its own Female and male changing rooms.

Floor 6 is where the secretary pool is. There are some absolute stunners and all of us on security spend as much time as we can up there.

When everyone had gone home, I did my usual rounds, and went to floor 6. Full of anticipation I went in to the female changing room. I was in heaven. Must have been 30 skirts or more hanging up. I needed to wank. I called in to my buddy to tell him all was OK and I just needed a dump. I pickup up the shortest skirt I could find and dashed off to the cubicle. My cock was ready to explode. I held the skirt to my nose and took really long breaths. It smelt sweet. I was trying to detect any pussy odour. I'm sure I kidded myself I could, but the smell of scent was too strong.

Unable to contain myself I had to jerk off. I pulled my cock out, and wrapped the front of the skirt around my cock. I took care to make sure that it was the inside of the skirt that touched my cock. Within a few strokes I was pumping a huge wad of spunk, into this secretaries skirt. I wiped my dick clean and then looked at the mess I had made. I took some tissue and wiped off what I could, hung it back on the hanger and took it back out to the lockers.

I was as worried as hell the next day, especially doing my round on floor 6. Had anyone noticed my dried on cum inside their skirt. By lunch time my confidence was up again. No problems. I now need to know who was sitting with my crusty cum less than an inch from their pussy. I hadn't checked the name badge on the jacket.

I had to do the same again that night. This time I picked out the names. Took 2 skirts to the cubicle. One to sniff on, the other to wank in to.

I've been doing this now, almost daily for a year, and nothing has been said. I'm sure they must realise it, at laundry time. I alternate the skirts, but I have my favorites.

Recently I have had this urge to do it on the outside of the skirt, but thats probably going to be too obvious. I lay the skirt out on the seat. Imagine the person who was wearing it giving me a blow job. Up until now I have always manage to grab some tissue at the last minute and avoid a holly mess.

Perhaps I am warped. But its my fetish, and I am in heaven.



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