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Skipping Class

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kelsie baby i love u for that!!i hope u get to read this.


I want to start saying iam an 14 yr old male and have been j/o since i was like 11 but that was when i was humping a stuffed animal.That ended soon cuz my mom found it and i had to burn it.That brings back old memories.anyway thats some of my j/o experiences.Now to my best day my life so far.
This was like a couple of weeks ago.I sent an email to my girlfriend kelsie.I said I wanted to meet her on the stairs going out of the back doors of the school after lunch.I told her I had a suprise for her.Well that day at school i couldnt stop thinkin bout it.I had the biggest bohner i ever had.At lunch i sat with kelsie and her friends and she whispered in my ear that she couldnt wait.I said me either.So when lunch let out we walked their together.We got there and she asked what was it and i kissed her.She let me get a little tongue in their.I grabbed her ass and she gripped her legs around me.I carried her down the stairs to a door leading to the stage that they had plays on.I opened the door and walked in,it was dark but i didnt care.I sat down on the stairs leading to the stage.She was on my lap and we started to make out and i put my hand on her side and moved up her slim baby doll tee.I could feel her breast which must of been a C or maybe bigger.She reached down and unzipped my pants.She put her hand in my pants and started to stroke.I put my right hand on her back and moved up.I unhooked her bra.she pulled my penis out and she lifted her shirt over top her head.Her bra fell and i was staring at the most beautiful pair of tits their ever was.I moved down and started to suck on her nipples.She moaned and started to stroke my cock again.I told her wasnt gonna last very long so take it slow.She slowed her pace and i reached round and undid her pants.She was wearing a hot pink thong.she stood up and let her pants drop to her ankles.She hopped back on my lap,she started to pull my pants down as i went back to sucking her nipples.I stood up with her still around me.I laid her down on top of my clothes.I started at her lips and kissed my way down her body.I licked around each nipple and went down her stomach.I pulled her thong down with my teeth.I circled her pussy with my tongue.I licked up her slit and stopped at her clit.I put my mouth around it and started to suck.She moaned and after bout 2 mins of that she orgasmed three times.She regained her composure and asked if i want to back to class.i told her to wait a while,i have something planned.My cock was still rock hard and it started to throb.I moved over to her and i threw her on my lap.I made out with her some more.I told her just a sec.I reached for my pants on the floor and pulled out a condom.She took it from me and ripped it open with her teeth.She gently slided it on my cock.She eased her self down on my 7.5 cock.She rided my cock like a cowboy rides a bull and I gave her a perfect 8.I felt her orgasm twice.I finally came and she slided off my cock.She pulled the condom off.I was sensitive to we made out some more.Finally she told me it was time to repay the favor.She slide down to her knees and started to slob on my cock.It was my first b/j so i came with in 3 min.After we got r clothes back on we walked out both smiling.We both went back to class with another hour of school to go back to.At the end of the day she walked up to me and grab my cock through my pants and handed me a note.It read thanks alot for today and she was having a sleep over on friday and I was invited.
But that was a whole another story that i will tell later....



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