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Skinny Dipping

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I was surprised to see a couple comments to my story. It inspired me to tell about some other early experiences with Andy (female) and her brothers. If you want some background read my other story first.


A few weeks after we moved to our new home I was fitting in pretty well with the gang of new friends I had. I missed the old neighborhood a little but found I enjoyed the new area much more. I believe a lot had to do with my mother allowing me much more freedom to choose my friends and go just about anyplace I wanted. She believed the country was absent of danger and morally depraved people, at least less than the city I spent the first 12 years of my life in. My parents also hit it off well with Andy's parents since her mom sold us the house which was great and our fathers worked together at the same company.

My first and best friend turned out to be Andy Liming, a bit of a tom-boy that innitiated me to the joy of masturbation the first day of my big move. Most days were spent going with friends to various swimming holes in a large creek that ran through the area. My greatest disappointment was that all the kids we swam with wore cutoff shorts to swim in. Andy told me about previous years when the gang, both boys and girls would skinnny dip but now since they were older were a bit embarrassed to get undressed, including Andy. I found this a bit frustrating since I really wanted to see Andy naked again and I also felt a bit ripped off since I never had the joy of skinny dipping with other boys and girls my age like the others seemed to speak to highly of. It hadn't occured to me yet that the reason might be that most of the other kids were in various stages of sexual development. I had yet to show any sign of pubic hair and though things were getting bigger I hadn't thought that I myself was entering puberty. I was just fascinated by Andy's and others' development.

One day Andy's parents took my parents off to a nearby 'city' (about 30 miles away)leaving Andy and me to care for her younger brothers, Alex (11) and Aaron (10). Normally we would have fussed about that but this time we wouldn't complain for two reasons. One, though they didn't say, I knew my parents were going to look for my birthday present since I would turn 13 in a couple weeks. Second, I was going to be spending the night at Andy's, my first sleep over since our move. Our parent's planned to be home that night but didn't expect to get home 'till after our bedtime, which I believe was still 10:00. I also thought it great that our parents actually trusted us to spend the day alone and care for the boys, even though we had strict orders to not go beyond the neighbors farm for any activity and our parents would call at noon and six to check on us during meals and anytime after dinner since we had to stay around the house to care for the boys and they could not be out after dinner. (They did call three times) I was at first bummed out because were were also ordered not to have friends over but this turned out to our advantage.

Our parents left soon after everyone eating breakfast at the Liming's house. Andy's parents believed the sure way to keep us out of trouble was to give us lots of chores. I would have left them for the last hours of our so-called freedom but Andy got us all working right away to get it over with. We spent the entire morning doing laundry, cleaning house, and after the grass dried from the dew, me cutting the lawn with a push mower that seemed incredibly heavy. It took until lunch and I was tired and sweaty but I was proud of the accomplishment, plus the $20.00 I earned which was a lot for a 12 year old back then. Cutting grass was new to me and done only under my father's help and supervision since our move about a month before.

Alex and Aaron started out trying to be a real pain. I'm sure they thought they could get away with doing nothing since their parents weren't around but Andy took real charge of them too. They complained for the first half hour and after they got into a fight and broke a glass jar of pine -sol Andy had enough. She took Aaron and told me to take Alex and spank him. She took Aaron's shorts down and put him over her knee and gave him ten good slaps and made him stand in a corner naked. I was rather surprized that I would be asked to do the same. It was a long time since I was spanked myself and I certainly never spanked another kid. I stood there until Aaron was in the corner, not sure what I would do. Andy told me to do it or she would do it and I should if I wanted the boys to respect me. I think Alex saw my weakness and begged me to spank him so Andy would not. He even took off his shorts on his own, pushed me down into a chair and layed on my lap. I really didn't want to hurt the kid but I started with a few half-hearted slaps. Andy complained and said I had to do it harder or she would and Alex yelled for me to do it harder too. I didn't like it but I think I did give him ten hard slaps like Andy did to Aaron. It occurs to me now we couldn't have slapped real hard since neither one of them cried and their behinds were pretty much white again in a half hour. Alex then got into another corner while Andy and I cleaned up the broken glass and the pine-sol. Pine-sol is actually really hard to clean up in large amounts. It took us both about half hour to get it all up. The boys were allowed to put their shorts back on which was the only thing they wore all day. No shirt, no shoes, no underwear. As far as I could tell they were pretty cooperative in cleaning the house after that. We were completely done by lunch time and had the entire afternoon free.

It was one of those typical 90/90 days in Pennsylvania. 90 degrees and 90% humidity. After the mandatory 30 minute wait after eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on the porch we headed for the swimming hole on the neighbors farm. I remember feeling really odd eating pb&j sandwiches after spanking the boys. 12/13 is a strange age trying to do adult things and still liking childish things all in the same day. I think it was the last time I ate a pb&j until I shared with my own kids a few years ago.

The neighbors swim hole wasn't the best. It was big around but only about 4 feet deep and no swing, but it was the only one we were allowed to go to that day. It was also in a very secluded spot hidden in the middle of a small clearing surrounded by thick woods. I had never been to this one before so I was at a bit of a disadvantage when the boys wanted to race to get there. All I could do was follow and keep up. I'm not sure why I was surprized at it since my previous encounter alone with Andy, but was still pleased when the boys dropped their shorts and ran naked into the water. I was actually seeing kids skinny dipping. I wanted to strip and join them but wasn't sure what to do since Andy was there too and I knew she wasn't favorable to swimming nude anymore. That's why I was surprized when she told me since it was only us she didn't mind skinny dipping if I wanted to. I just said, 'OK' and stripped myself as she did and we soon were splashing around and dunking one another just as though we had shorts on and Andy was wearing some top on. The water was really cold so I didn't need to worry about getting an erection. At first, I was a little worried about my size since everything shriveled up to almost nothing but the younger boys looked even smaller and Andy didn't seem to care either so I stopped worrying about it and just had fun. I think I had more fun than at anytime in my life. I seemed to lose all care or concern about anything. It reminded me of an old song I heard about freedom being a word for having nothing left to lose.

We played for for several hours, the boys and I eventually working on building up more of the rocks that damned up the creek creating the swimming hole and searching for cray-fish. Andy took off a little way, still nude, to pet some horses that wandered nearby. We discoverd a mud hole and of course got into it until andy found us and got mad when we clobbered her with mud. She cheered up when she got in it too but we were eventually ordered to get back to the swimming hole (not far) and rinse off. We were all pretty tired by then and took a break on a grassy spot in the sun on the bank. Alex and Aaron were soon asleep while Andy and I talked about my old home. She was never farther away than the 'city' our parents went to. It was actually a small town for my experience, maybe 5000 people, but big for Andy. I pretty much talked about my old neighborhood school and other multi-story buildings and stuff. I remember being surprized at how comfortable I was laying there beside her, totally naked and not even thinking much about it. I became only slightly embarassed still about my shrunken penis and balls, hoping the sun would warm them up and grow to normal size without getting a boner. It made me feel a little better that Andy's breasts also appeared very shrunken from the cold water. It seemed funny to me that I saw 'goosepumps on her goosebumps' but thought it wise not to mention that to her.

I ran out of things to talk about and after a short pause in the conversation Andy confessed to me that this whole afternoon of skinny dipping was planned by her and her parents, without my parents knowing about it. My mom would have been shocked and murdered me if she saw me then. Andy knew I wanted to try skinny dipping and she planned it all. It was great. She was also glad I was comfortable naked with her. Then she just said she was tired and wanted some sleep before the boys woke up and she layed all the way down beside me and closed her eyes. I was leaning back on my elboes just looking at her and thought she was the most beautiful thing I ever saw in my life. I layed back myself and soon drifted off to sleep.

I woke up a couple hours later. Andy was no where in sight and I could hear the boys nearby. The sun was warm and comfortable and I found I had 'morning wood'. I got up and took a leak on a tree, found the boys playing in the mud again. They said Andy just went up to the house to start getting dinner ready (simple spaggetti) and we should go up in about an hour.

They were covered in mud completely from head to toe. I also noticed that they both were sporting small but very erect boners, but not small for their age. Seeing them also gave me a boner which they did not fail to notice. Aaron spoke up. 'Man, you're penis is huge!' I laughed because I never really heard any kid use the word penis before. We always used other words. I was grateful for the compliment, but a little embarrassed, and only managed to say that they would soon be as big as mine. I got into the mud with them hoping to hide it and that it would get limp again.

It didn't work out that way. We wrestled around in the mud and they kept finding ways to rub against my boner. I started to get frustrated and tried to retaliate by grabbing their penises and balls. They only enjoyed it more. I soon let them wrestling me down in the mud and they both were on top of me grinding their boners into my belly. It got me extremely horny. I felt strange. I didn't know much about being gay but I knew it wasn't popular and this might be gay. It lasted only a few seconds and the boys were up, kneeling in the mud beside me, staring at my 5 inch long skinny erection sticking straight up toward them, throbbing back and forth with each of my heartbeats. Alex asked me, 'Do you want to know what Andy does with their boners?' I already knew but I said, 'What does she do?' Alex then reached down and started stroking my penis. I couldn't believe what was happening but it felt incredible. I think the mud made it feel much more smoother than the time I had with Andy a few weeks before. Alex and Aaron took turns feeling my penis and balls and they took my hands and put them on theirs so I started returning the favor. I think it was Aaron that finally sent me over the edge of bliss. I then knelt between them with them laying down and stroked their penises. I was surprised how hard they got. I knew mine never got as hard as theirs did when I was their age but then I never knew that much about masturbation either. They both knew and let me help them. I thought it was cool when they both came at the same time and screamed this high pitch scream. I was afraid someone might hear but we were in the middle of nowhere and who would know what happened if they did hear.

We all relaxed for a minute and then went to the water and rinsed off the mud. We tried to help each other wash off as best we could. We sat in the sun to dry off a bit when we heard the old train bell the Liming's had on their porch to 'ring the troops home' as their mother put it. The boys took off, leaving their shorts behind. I thought it funny they would do that but there wasn't really any place a person could see them between there and home. I decided to take the chance and just picked up all our shorts and ran naked to the house, almost catching up before running in. I wasn't surprized to find Andy standing naked in the kitchen setting the table.

Andy pretended to be disgusted that we still had a thin fim of mud on but said dinner couldn't wait. They had a rule that everyone had to be dressed to eat so us boys put our shorts on and Andy slipped on a T shirt. I was impressed that Andy was able to put together dinner. It was as good as my mother could do.

After we finished dinner Andy said normally us boys would have to do the dishes since she cooked but she didn't want us cleaning up while we were still dirty. She said if I helped the boys bathe she would do the dishes. I thought it strange boys 10 and 11 would need or want help with a bath but if it was a way out of doing dishing I wasn't going to say anything and I ordered the boys upstairs and ran up after them.

I soon found myself in the tub with the both of them. We were all still under 5 ft tall but it was a bit of a tight fit. Needless to say we all soon had boners and after washing one another we had one more round masturbating each other before getting out and drying off.

The boys ran downstairs naked and so did I, only I just walked down. I was pretty tired by this time. We finished helping Andy clean up and while Andy showered we curled up under a blanket on the couch watching TV. The only thing I found uncomfortable about was having air conditioning running and then having a blanket on. My family never had air conditioning but I knew it was expensive to run but I found out that the Liming's had some cash to spare. Andy soon came down, naked, and joined us with Alex on my lap and Aaron on hers. It was interesting that I didn't get hard with his but right against my penis. I just thought that it was cool that we could all be bare together and not be aroused unless we wanted to.

The boys were falling asleep at about 9:30 so we put them to bed. It was past their bedtime anyway.

Andy and I went downstairs and strightened up everything so it would be right when her parents got home. Andy asked me if I had fun that day. I wasn't sure if she knew what us boys did or would approve but I blushed a bit when I said yes. She said she thought I must be pretty tired since we did 'it' at least twice so then I knew she knew and she wasn't upset. She then asked if I wanted to do it with her. I guess I didn't look to eager. In truth I was tired but also afraid her parents would catch us if they came home soon. Andy said it was only an offer that we didn't have to. It was then I think I remember my first voluntary, self-thought, non-selfish act. I was too tired and didn't feel aroused in any way but I thought Andy did. Her breasts were getting hard and pointy and she had that look in her eye. I already knew what that meant after just one encounter with her. I told her I didn't want anything but I would help her if she wanted. By this time we finished downstairs and Andy said ok and we went to her room. We layed in her bed and I fingered her till she had an orgasm. I felt a little embarrassed that my penis stayed soft the whole time.

Andy relaxed a little while. It then occured to me that I didn't know where I was to sleep. I wasn't sure how Andy's parents would think about me sleeping in her bed and I really didn't want to. It was just a single size and didn't have room for two of comfortably. I asked Andy and was told, gratefully that I could use the downstairs couch or sleep with Alex. The boys had one of those bunk beds with a full size bed on the bottom that Alex slept in. I decided to sleep with him since I was just too tired to go back downstairs. The boys were just across the hall. I went in and don't even remember laying down.

I woke up pretty late. Aaron had just jumped down on the bed and opened one of my eyes to see if I was awake. Why do kids do that? He then ran off naked to use the bathroom, came back, grabbed a pair of shorts from his dresser and ran downstairs, carrying the shorts. I suppose I looked a little confused about that because Alex then reminded me of the rule of wearing clothes at breakfast. I suppose I should say that when I woke up Alex was cuddled next to me with his head on my shoulder and arm across my chest. The first thing he said was Aaron is always the first one up and jumps on his bed. I found it a bit relaxing and comfortable to have Alex next to me like that. We had a cover over us but the air seemed real cold like the air conditioning didn't need to be on but was and Alex was the only thing keeping me warm. We didn't have air conditioning at my house and even with a fan I was waking up in a sweat all summer. I could smell breakfast cooking. I knew there was coffee and though I didn't drink the stuff I loved the smell. I could also smell bacon which started my belly stirring.

I was about to get up when I felt Alex' hand make its way down to my penis which was already hard. I was just wondering if we had time for this when he said he really liked mine (penis) because he could get his hand around it. I just said I liked his too and I also reached under him and returned the favor, though I could only get my thumb and three fingers on his. We just stroked each other for a couple minutes when Alex climbed on top of me and started to rub our penises together. It felt great but was a bit jealous that this boy younger than me knew more about this stuff than I did. He was almost as tall as I was so the top of his head was rubbing against my right cheek. He had a short mullet type hair cut and the short stubble on the sides tickled my cheek a little. He started to rub harder and faster and the bed started to creek a bit. I was scared a bit because I thought his parents might hear and know what we were doing but I thought Alex doesn't care so why should I. I found myself reaching around and holding his butt cheeks with my hands. I laughed a little when I thought this was better than spanking them. He asked me what was so funny but I just said nothing and just pulled him into me harder. I was getting the hang of this. We soon both came, he did first which made me cum also. He just layed on me a minute then got up and ran to the bathroom. While he was out I heard their mom calling us for breakfast. Alex came back in and we both put shorts on and after using the toilet myself I went downstairs.

I almost died when at breakfast Aaron teased Alex and me about making the bed creek and 'doing it' before breakfast. I hope their mom didn't know what he meant but she very firmly but calmly told him, 'What they did is their business and if they needed to they could. The word for it is masturbation and you know you should use it.' She then made him say it. She then winked at me and said what we did was ok with her as long as we didn't hurt each other and respect one another. I was worried my parents would found out and I guessed she sensed that because she also said she would not tell them if I didn't want them to. I think I was a little nervous but also relieved. I knew where they stood and felt relieved I didn't need to hide from them.

In the coming weeks through the summer I even got used to walking through the house naked even with their parents at home and often shared bed time with Alex when I slept over at their house. It would not be true if I said we maturbated with each other often. I knew their parents didn't have a problem with it but I felt like it should be more private and couldn't enjoy things with Andy or her brothers if their parents were around. We pretty much only had fun sexually when I came to help babysit the boys which was about once a month when all our parents went out together.

I might write about more of some of our activity together.



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