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Skinhead Club

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Skinhead Club
Thank you for this site, it has given me hours of masturbating enjoyment. The story I am about to tell you is real and happened 70 years ago.
We had moved to the country the year I turned 5 1/2 and I had to go to a two room country school. I was scarred and nervous but after school a couple of boys just a year older than me were friendly and we stood in a corner of the playground and talked and one of them Ken pulled out his penis and said I should pull out mime. His was so much bigger than mine I was reluctant. That was the first time I had seen another boy's penis but couldn't take my eyes off it. Then jim pulled his out too and it was even bigger and longer and neither of them had any skin on the head of their thing.
Now I was not cut and asked them how they could stand to have the skin off the head and they said that they would teach me how to pull the skin off my little prick and carefully took hold of it and as it began to stiffen from their attention pulled the skin back showing me the bright pink head. My hand went right to it to investigate but it was tender and hurt when my hand touched it. They encouraged me to play with it and I did for a few seconds but it was too tender so Ken told me to touch his and feel of the bare head and I was enthused by the feel of the soft smooth skin. Then both of them asked me to join the SKINHEAD CLUB explaining that they had not been cut as a baby but in first grade they had joined the club and hadn't had any skin on the head of their pricks since.
I asked them if it didn't hurt and they said it did for a little while but in about a month it would feel better with the skin off. Then they invited me to jo their pricks and I didn't know how but they showed me and let me rub them right up and over the bare head and didn't even flinch even when they got the "tickle". Of course nothing shot out of their young prick but they enjoyed a lot and tried to get me to rub my little prick but I had to use the skin and they said I wasn't working hard enough and took over rubbing my prick, gently until I got this funny feeling and it turned very tender for a few minutes and I wouldn't let them touch it but after a while it was alright and I let them play with it again. Theirs were hard and stiff again and they went to work on each other until they got the tickle again.
Then they asked me if I wanted to join and I was having a lot of fun and I said yes but they warned me it would hurt for a while but I was brave and pulled the skin off and they said my reward for having the skin off every time they asked to see it was that they would suck it. I had never heard of that but they said I would enjoy it and proceded to demonstrate my Jim taking my penis in his mouth and sucking on it swirling his tongue around that tender head making my would body jerk. Then Ken took over and did the same thing and they invited me to take one of theirs in my mouth and suck on i t. When I was reluctant they asked it I had ever sucked my thumb and when I admited I had they said it was just like that only some good tasting salty stuff might come out.
Sure enough, it did, when I licked the head of Jim's pee hole I got a taste and went for more and soon had the entire barehead of his prick in my mouth much to his delight. Then I felt Ken's mouth surround my now stiff penis again. For the next hour or so we took turns sucking each other. Finally we all realized it was getting late and we had better stop but planned to meet before school the next day which turned into a lot of fun every day we could get together.
Later I will tell you about some parties we had but that is another story. Thanks for letting me share some of my earliest sex experiences. -Lou



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