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Skin Examination

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I had skin cancer last year and got the all clear. In the UK, after the diagnosis of cancer, you are examined every three months for up to five years, just in case of a recurrence. This was one such examination, a few days ago. True up to a point, fantasy beyond.


I waited to be called for my skin examination. I saw a male consultant arrive, with an attractive female, who I assumed to be a secretary or something. Imagine my surprise when the female consultant called my name.

I will describe her for visual stimulation. She was approx five feet tall (I am six foot three!), of Latin American/Brazilian/Spanish descent, long jet-black hair, piercing eyes, wearing a black and white chequered dress to just above her knees. Black nylon patterned tights, and flat black shoes. Her breasts were well proportioned to her figure. I think she was in her late thirties, and was very attractive.

We entered the room, and standing up I towered over her, so she suggested I sit down in front of her. She asked me a few questions then asked me to take my shirt off, and stepping forward she proceeded to examine my underarms, for lumps in my lymph nodes, then moved closer when putting both hands on my neck and pressing firmly with her fingers, then she stood over me, and very sensually rubbed her fingers over the scars on my back, in the middle and down to my waist, at the same time asking questions in a rather sultry voice (no I wasn't imagining it!). Her dress at this stage had ridden up slightly, and her breasts were pressed tight inside as she leant over. I don't mind admitting I began to feel aroused.

Then she asked me to lie down on the bed, (something no other (male) consultant had ever asked me to do), and asked me to undo the belt on my trousers and unzip myself so she could check my groin, as she put it. She then pulled my underwear down slightly and whilst holding the waist band with one hand she slipped her other hand under and squeezed between my legs, I presume looking for lumps. She then changed hands and slipped her fingers down, rubbing her fingers deep into my groin, almost touching my testicles. Her touch was so arousing, I actually felt my cock swell as she was probing, and became semi-erect. As she withdrew her hand she touched my hardening cock, just briefly.


I said 'I am sorry, but your touch has aroused me.'

'Don't worry, it happens in a lot of examinations, I understand'. she said.

I pulled the front of my underwear down a little more and exposed my erect cock, I am eight inches, cut as they say, and approx six inches in circumference at the base. I shave my balls, anus and all around my cock.

She gasped and stood back when I exposed myself. I said, 'See what you have done to me'.

I began to gently wank myself, bringing it to full erection and thickness. Staring at me she stammered 'Please, put it away, you mustn't do this.'

'I'm sorry but I need examining further, I may have a lump on my testicle!' I said smiling.

She stared at my hard cock, I was still gently wanking with my right hand. Then she stepped forward, so she was close to me and looking down, put her left hand on my thigh and slowly moved her fingers up to my ball sack.

She put her fingers around my balls, and slowly squeezed and probed one, and then the other, but afterwards, she kept her hand there as I slowly rubbed my cock. My breathing became harder as she 'examined' me. I said, 'That feels good, I hope everything is okay down there?', 'Yes' she said, 'You are in good condition. I have never been in this type of situation with a patient before'. As she said that her eyes flashed at me, making me even more aroused as she continued to squeeze my balls, and wrapped her fingers around the base of my cock.

I said, 'Please don't worry, I am enjoying your touch'.

Being bold, with my left hand, I touched her right leg, which was nearest to me, making her jump slightly, and began to gently rub behind her knee. She gasped again, 'Please, you shouldn't'.

I rubbed her in circles just above her knee on her lower thigh, enjoying the feel of her silky black nylon clad leg.

I then slowly rubbed upwards under her dress, pulling it up exposing her well-formed legs, feeling the panties part of her tights, until I reached her bottom. She gasped again and moaned slightly as I felt her panties underneath, lacy and high cut bikini I think they call them.

'Please wank me' I said, 'Bring me off'. She grasped my rigid cock and just about managed to wrap her fingers around the shaft, and moved her hand up and down. 'Oh that's good, not too fast, I don't want to cum too soon'.

Then I felt down and under her bottom, around the crotch of her panties to feel a very warm moist mound. Pushing my fingers upwards I started to press and rub on her wet pussy. 'Oh Jesu' she said, breathing heavier.

I was beginning to feel my juices building below my cock, her hand rubbing me rhythmically.

She started to rock against my fingers, bucking her hips and moved her right hand up to her breast and squeezed it making the nipple stand out. I pushed harder into her mound, feeling her juices seep through my fingers. She groaned and bent slightly at her knees, forcing my hand harder against her.

'Faster now, I am going to shoot'. She then took my cock in both hands and pulled me hard as I rubbed furiously against her soaking wet panties and wet pussy beneath.

'Oh Fuck' I gasped as my spunk shot out in two or three streams, at the same time she cried out 'My God, My God I cum' and rocked, pulsated and shuddered against my hand, wetting it as she came, I think she let go of all her juices at once.

My spunk dribbled out all over her fingers and she looked down and sighed, still shaking, rubbing my juice into my stomach.

I dropped my hand from under her dress, and smelt my fingers. They smelt so sweet I licked them as she smiled at me, reaching over for some tissue on a shelf, and proceeded to clean me up.

'I will see you in three months then Mr.... 'That will be my pleasure' I smiled and walked out.



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