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Ski Vacation Ski Dorm

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When I in my senior year of high school I was asked what I wanted for a graduation present. My answer was easy, a ski vacation. I was given a budget and then had to shop for what I wanted. I went to a private school and we had a two week spring vacation so I had some flexibility. I found that I could have a two week trip if I stayed in a ski dorm for the same price as one week with a private room.

I arrived at the Inn and was shown to one of the dorm rooms. It was an old Inn and all the rooms used shared bathrooms down the hall. On each floor there were 3 small wc rooms with toilets and sinks and a shower room with 5 stalls with changing area with curtains and severals sinks and mirrors. Not very fancy or private There were one bed, two bed and six bed rooms. The six bed rooms had 3 bunk beds and charged dorm rates and sometimes were used as family rooms. The first week I was there only 2 or 3 other people were in the whole place. On Friday I got back from skiing and Eldon, the owner, told me I had roommates for the rest of my stay and every bed was filled. He said 'Watch out for them, I put 5 wild college girls up from Boston in with you. Think you can handle all of them?' and he winked with a little laugh. I didn't know whether to take him seriously or not as he had quite a sense of humour.

I walked up to my room and sure enough, there were 5 young ladies in there putting their stuff in their drawers and in the closet. Each bed had 2 drawers in a dresser and a half foot of bar space in the closet. The room already smelled 'female' from all the scented products. We talked for a few minutes and discovered that we had very different ideas about what constituted a ski trip. They were there to party every night and considered themselves lucky if they were on the mountain by noon. I was in bed by 11 and on the mountain for lift opening each day.

I was sound asleep that night when they came in and didn't even give a hint that they woke me up. They turned on the closet light to see by and proceeded to undress assuming I was sound asleep. I was directly across from one other lower bunk and the other was across the wall towards the foot of my bunk so I could see both other lower bunks easily without doing more than moving my eyes. I got to see all five of them quite nude every night during the next nine days. They basically ignored my presence and that I might be awake as long as I looked asleep. I did the same each morning when I got dressed for skiing. After they got in bed and turned out the closet light there was a small amount of light coming in the window from the lights on the street. That very first night just as I was getting back to sleep I felt the bed start to shake softly but rythmically. I became very aware of this turned on girl just over my head. She wasn't the only one most nights at least the other two lower bunk occupants also masturbated, all very quietly, but I could see the blankets moving in the dim light. I got all turned on but wasn't prepared for this that first night. The next night I had some tissues in bed with me. When my upper bunkmate started her masturbating, I just had to be careful to time my movements exactly with hers. I was on my side and had to be careful not to make my blanket move so the girls on the other bunks couldn't see that I was joining in. Somehow we all mannaged to get in sync and all orgasmed together. At least several of them were noisy enough that the others had to know they were masturbating. They got noisier and less careful as the week went on as if they either forgot I was there, didn't care or were aware that I was joining into their 2 am masturbation fest. By mid week they clearly were all joining in and the room smelled like female sex. It went on like that the whole time until they packed up and left the nine days later on Sunday after skiing. It seemed strange to have the room all quiet and to myself again the last night I was there. I only saw a couple of them on the mountain a couple of times the whole time. Except for that first day I never saw all of them with clothing on and in the light. I had a good time.



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