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Size Matters With Niece

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The pussy is an amazing thing. It can stretch to an extra large size and return to its original shape. My wife has a 30 year old niece that I love very much. I also love playing with her pussy. She has never had children and her pussy is tight. I know because I have been in it many times.

She has a dildo that is huge. I mean huge as in larger than my wrist and I am a large man. The dildo is at least 12 inches long. She loves me to stick it in her pussy and then massage her clit until she cums. It takes some work to get that thing in her vagina. I cannot get the entire length in her, only about nine inches. I have to start slow and her pussy has to be really wet. Kissing her makes her wetter than anything else I have done, even wetter than sucking her nipples. I lube the dildo good and start easing the head in. I will get a little of it in and then ease it out. Each time I stick in it I go a little deeper. Finally her pussy stretches enough that I have it in as far as it will go. She says it hurts going in but that it feels so good.

Once I have it all the way in I fuck her pussy hard with us until it is sliding in and out really good. I do that until she is ready for an orgasm. That's when I start massaging her clit. She has a larger than usual clit and if I hold the dildo in the right position it will rub against her clit as I go in and out, but she prefers me to rub her clit with my fingers. It does not take long rubbing her clit until she starts to cum. When her orgasm starts she likes me to slow the dildo down and thrust deep into her. I can feel her pussy clinching, opening and closing on the dildo. Her ass is boucning and moving overtime as her orgasm hits her. She likes me to keep the dildo in her during her orgasm. Her moaning and groaning is loud when she has an orgasm and she talks dirty, telling me to fuck her pussy hard and make her cum. She is never satisfied with just one orgasm and will cum four or five times at a minimum. If she is in a really horny mood she might have eight or ten orgasms. The entire time I keep the dildo inside her vagina as far as it will go. Her hairy lips are stretched to the max. Her face is flushed and her body glistening with sweat. The thick black hair around her pussy is matted with her juices. After she has come down from her last orgasm I ease the dildo out. I can see her pussy clutching and closing as if to keep it trapped inside her. As the dildo comes out of her pussy it will be followed by big globs of clear slick fluid. Her juices have built up inside her pussy and is trapped by the huge dildo. Her vagina is gaping open once empty of the dildo. I can see inside her vagina all the way to her uterus at the back.

I catch her slick juice as it comes out of her vagina and coat my hard, precum leaking dick, making it slick. It glistens with a sheen. I rub my dick around her pussy making sure the head is well coated with her juice. I lay back on the bed and she takes my dick in her hands and starts jacking it. Her other hand fondles my balls. Occasionally she will stick one of her fingers up my asshole and massage my prostate. She is eager for me to cum. This girl loves hot cum splattering on her body. She loves watching a man shoot his cum. After witnessing her orgasm and listening to her moaning and groaning and talking dirty I cannot last long. As usual it does not take long for me to shoot my load of cum. She likes to get on her back and spread her legs, holding her pussy lips apart and have me shoot my hot cum all over her pussy. Sometimes I can see my cum shooting into the opening of her vagina. She is rubbing my cum all over her pussy as I cum. She pushes some of it up inside her vagina and rubs the rest on her big clit.

My dick starts to soften but she is an expert at keeping me hard so it does not take her long until I am ready to go again. That is when I get to see if her her pussy has shrunk back to its original size. She also likes the real thing, the human contact, the warmth of a real throbbing dick.



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