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Six Times in a Day

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I'm glad I found this site and read the stories. I thought what we did was gay but now I know a lot of boys do this.


I was about 11 and a half and summer night my mom was going out and I couldn't sleep over at my one friend so mom got Henry who lives close to us to stay overnight with me. He is about 2 or 3 years older so he was 13 or 14 then. I was glad he was staying with me because I always looked up to him and he let me hang out with him like going with him to deliver his papers in the morning and stuff.

It was hot and we don't have air conditioning so after my shower I was running around in a pair of batman underwear that was to small but I could still fit in. All I had was tighty whities that were the right size but for some reason I was embarrassed to have Henry see me in just plain white underwear. I just didn't think white briefs would be more cool than little kids underwear. Henry was wearing a swimsuit and T shirt when he came but took off his shirt after mom left. Later we were down in the basement and we wanted to read the same comic book I just bought so I was laying on top of him kind of on his lap with my back to him. He was holding the book and turned the pages. I didn't have much to do with my hands and without thinking about it starting rubbing my penis through my underwear. It got hard when I noticed what I was doing and stopped. Around then I noticed my penis and balls were getting much larger and it embarrassed me, especially in front of my mom. It also got hard much more often, with just any touch or for no reason at all. I really didn't know anything then about puberty or masturbation so I didn't know it was normal. Several times I caught myself getting a boner and stopped. I was afraid Henry would notice and I kept pulling his arms down so the book was against my belly but he would keep holding it up again. In about 15 minutes I felt something move under my butt and figured out it was Henry getting a boner. I could actually feel it sort of twitch and get bigger in small spurts and get between my butt crack. It was stupid but I wondered if he noticed it. For the first time in years I wondered what another boy looked like down there.

I started rubbing my penis again which was already getting hard and I didn't stop. Soon it was pushing against the waistband and I think the foreskin got stuck on it because the head started poking all the way out of the top of my underwear. Then Henry lifted the comic book again and he saw it and said, 'Are you hard too?'. I don't know why but I just pulled down the front my briefs and showed it to him. It pointed straight up but the foreskin covered it up again. Henry asked me if he could see it and I said alright and he put down the book and started feeling my boner, pulling the skin up and down. He told me it was cool and that made me feel good and he said he didn't have a foreskin. I asked if I could see his and he said OK so I got up and sat on his legs and he pulled down the front of his suit and I saw his penis. I thought it was huge compared to mine but must have been about 5 inches long and a little fatter than mine. His balls were also much bigger than mine. I was surprised to see a small amount of blond pubic hair above his penis. I knew boys started growing hair at his age but I just never saw any before. I reached down and played with it a little. I loved how hard it was and the skin seemed so stretched out. There was no extra skin at all and made it look even bigger to me. I also played with his little hairs that were just starting to get curly.

He asked me if I wanted to learn something that was fun and I said sure. He told me we had to get bare. We both stood up and got bare and he told me to do what he did. He started to stroke his penis up and down between his fingers so I copied him. Without stopping he sat on the couch and I sat beside him but we were kind of stretched out. He started going faster and I tried but I couldn't go as fast as he did so I stopped and just watched. I remember hearing about jacking off and I asked him if what we were doing was that and he said yes. Soon his body was going straight out and it looked like every muscle in his body was straining. I almost thought he was having an seizure or something and then some clear stuff came out an inch or two a few times and ran down his fingers and boner.

I didn't know what it was. It didn't look like pee and when he stopped I just looked at it. Henry held his fingers up and told me it was cum and he just started to get it. He told me to feel it so I felt his penis again which was going soft and felt the slimy stuff on my fingers. He told me that's what makes babies when you stick your boner inside a girl. He also told me to taste it and he stuck his fingers in his mouth and licked his fingers. I said it looked gross. I couldn't believe he did that after where it came but he just told me to try it and after a little bit I did. I was surprised it was salty and didn't taste like I thought it would.

He told me I had to try it but I told him I couldn't do it fast like he could. He said he would help and he had me lay down while he got on the floor and pulled it up and down. He did that with one hand and played with my balls with the other. He started going real fast and I started to feel like he did. My body tensed up and I tried to watch the cum come out but I couldn't keep my eyes open and my head looking down. I felt like an explosion and I screamed and then it stopped. I took a few breaths and looked down but I didn't see any cum. Henry said they were always called dry cums at first until you got hair but they feel the same.

We both had to pee so we ran upstairs totally naked. I was behind him and thought seeing his balls swing back and forth as we went up the stairs was funny. We both peed at the same time and got boners again and played swords with our pee. I hadn't done that with a boy for many years. After we finished we played swords with our boners a little and then he said we should take a shower. He told us we should soap each other and we did and I felt his boner again and he felt mine. He made me cum again and he let me do his and even though I couldn't go real fast he squirted cum again.

We were drying off when we heard our mom come in the garage and we realized our clothes were in the basement. We ran down naked before my mom came in the kitchen door where she would have seen us.

We came upstairs to the kitchen a few minutes later with our bottoms on. She said something about me still wearing my batman underwear and that I was to big and should change but Henry said he wore his till he was 12 years old so she said I could still wear them. It was after 10:00 but my mom made us popcorn and milkshakes and told us we could sleep downstairs and watch a movie.

She opened the couch to the bed and made it and we got in while she sat on the chair and we watched some movie and I fell asleep. I woke up when my mom was turning everything off. She made us go up and pee and brush our teeth and I was embarrassed when she kissed me goodnight in front of Henry.

After we went down again we talked a little. We realized we were stupid for running down naked because we could have just run across the hall to my room and gotten something to put on. Henry wasn't much bigger than me and I could have given him something. He asked me if I wanted to sleep naked and I said OK and we took our bottoms off again. It was then we saw that Henry had his on backwards and we wondered if mom noticed but she never said anything. We started playing swords with our boners again and then we tried to get the end of my foreskin to go over the head of his. It wouldn't go at first but Henry jacked me off again and when it was soft my skin was longer and we got it to work but mine got hard again. I then laid on top of him and we rubbed our boners together and we both had cum again and I felt his squirt between us. We cleaned up with tissues then we fell asleep.

We were going to wake up early but my mom came and woke us up after Henry's mom called and said he was late to do his papers. We were still naked but under a sheet but mom wouldn't leave till we were up. She pulled the sheet off and she saw us naked but only said that we must have been hot for us to sleep bare like that. It wasn't unusual because I did sleep naked often during the summer. I still didn't like her seeing me bare anymore though and was afraid she would figure out what we did but she didn't. Henry didn't care that she saw him and ran around the couch till he found his clothes. He found his shirt first and put that on before his shorts. I got dressed and I helped him with his papers and we went to his house and his mom said they were going to the state park for swimming and a picnic and invited me. She was going out to get some stuff and we would leave when she got back and told me to go home and ask my mom and get get cleaned up and my swimsuit and stuff. She left and Henry said for me to just call my mom and he would give me one of his old suits to wear that would fit. My mom said ok and we went upstairs and we got naked and did again what we did the last time and we cummed the fourth time and then we showered and got dressed.

After we went swimming his mom made us get a shower and change at the park so we could eat at a diner on the way home. We did it the fifth time in the shower.

On the way home after we ate we sat in the back seat of their minivan. After a while it got dark and I almost fell asleep when I saw Henry reach in his pants and start playing with himself. I whispered that his mom was right there and might see him but he said he did it all the time and she never saw. I watched a little and then I put my hands down my pants and played. Soon Henry unbuttoned and open his pants and was doing it. I took a chance and did the same and soon I saw him go straight and then relax. He let me lick his fingers and then he reached down to help me because I didn't do it yet to myself but I said no that I wanted to and it took a while but I did it myself the the first time. We closed our pants and fell asleep till his mom dropped me off at my house.

I got mom to let Henry stay with me whenever she went out. She actually paid him like $30.00 every time he slept over with me till I was 13 and she said I could be alone. He got paid for the fun we had. We did it 6 times the first day but only about 2 or 3 times a night after that. He is the only boy I ever did anything with like that. Even though I do it often myself Henry was there when I made my first squirt of cum and this time he licked my fingers.

I hope I can get this one girl in my class to do something with me but we haven't gotten to be by ourselves yet and I don't know if she will but I dream about it.



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