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Six Stories over Piccadilly (Revised)

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Rule Britannia!


[Please note: Frannie was 16 at the time I had sex with her, which is the legal age of consent in the UK. A 16 year old is entitled to lodge a complaint within one year of having sex if she feels that undue pressue was used to pursuade her to have sex. Frannie lodged no such complaint.]

This is the follow on posting to my previous one 'Spurtin' For Frannie.'

I flew with great trepidation to London. My mind was filled with wild imaginings of dire scenarios. But as it turned out, the whole trip was really pretty uneventful.

Frannie met me at the airport and we rode the Tube back together to Piccadilly Circus in Soho where I had booked a room on the 6th floor of a large economy hotel there.

It turned out that after we'd met each other in person, Frannie and I weren't really very attracted to each other, or very comfortable with each other. We did try to have sex with each other quite a few times over the course of my week long stay, but none of our sessions was very satisfying to either of us.

I won't describe every little thing we did, but I remember on the first night there, Frannie asked me to 'show her how it was done'. I'd been talking to her for months about how much I looked forward to jerking off for her, and this was the real thing. I think she was sitting behind me on the bed, watching over my shoulder. I jerked myself off in short order and she was duly appreciative. It was pleasant and gratifying, but no more.

The two most intense orgasms I had later on that week were by jerking off and by fellatio.

Later, we sat facing each on the opposite ends of the mattress. Frannie suggested I jerk myself off. I was a little disgusted with being reduced to this, but 'any port in a storm' as they say. Frannie was naked except for a sweatshirt that she wore because she was self-concious about her large and somewhat shapeless tits. I closed my eyes and started stroking. When I opened them, I saw that Frannie was fingering herself in a very shy and sensual way. I watched her middle finger slowly slide in and out between her softly furred pussy lips, and then looked up at her bashful innocent-looking face and this really set me off. I started jerking very quickly and forcefully and soon thrust my hips forward and shot a huge load high in the air between us. It was wonderful and very intense.

At the time I thought that Frannie was fairly inexperienced, because that's what she'd been telling me, and it wasn't too hard to believe, because she was somewhat unattractive. But in hindsight, remembering her cunt, how big and open it was, I think she was filling me full of shit on that score.

Frannie got tired of me and dumped me. It was painful for me, since I'd become sort of addicted to her. But I now realize the main reason she encouraged me to come to London for that first week was just to impress her little school friends, several of whom I met during that week. Frannie had a reputation among her schoolmates as a wild and crazy girl, and she certainly lived up to it by finagling a trans-Atlantic visit from me. She didn't tell all her friends that she planned to sleep with me, but I think they all suspected as much. At that time she was in what they call the Lower Sixth Form (she was 'revising' intensely for her GCSE's that Spring), which corresponds to being a Junior in High School here in the US.

Oh, and as for the phone sex I had with Frannie, it was good but not great. Usually I could sense that Frannie wasn't really into it, so it ended up being very rushed and forced. The best thing about that was that I always felt a lot more talkative after I'd cum, which was nice. I wonder how many other people experience that.

I had another torrid online relationship with a (26 year old) British girl living in Plymouth named Cherise a few years later. Unfortunately I never got to meet her. I'll write that up for another posting.



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