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Six Orgasms in One Day

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Give me iron, vitamins A-Z, anything but more pineapple?


Several weeks ago, new lady friend had heard or read, if a guy eats and drinks lots of pineapple his cum will taste delicious?

During every weekend visit lately, there has been, cans of pineapple juice, pineapple in the cans, and even fresh pineapple. There was enough pineapple juice to last for weeks.

Was asked not to masturbate for three weeks, which I almost did. Don't tell anyone, I got off once right at first, but it's a secret.

A little after five in the morning Saturday, opened eyes to see nice hard nipples. A hand was wrapped around my cock which was being slowly stroked up and down. Good morning!

Excused self and went in restroom, brushed teeth, etc.

Now where were we? Drop that robe and bring that cock back over here and you'll find out.

Cock was being stroked with both hands, tip was being rubbed several times on the upstroke. Oil was dripped right on the top and slowly rubbed up and down with some circular motions right at the tip.

(Baby I'm going to cum. Ok, let me wipe my hands, shoot you're load in my hands).

Aimed cock at hands and squirted hands, arms, sheets. Lady friend was looking wide eyed saying whoa my, good gosh, you go boy, look at all that cum, I'm going to name you gallons. Look its still cumming.

After cleaning up, layed around, watched a little television. Lady friend, after about one hour, leaned over and looked at cock. Looked up at face then back down to cock,(just how long does it take, you know, for that thing to reload)?

Don't really know, lets find out. Started masturbating cock in front of lady friend. Was not very long and cock was hard. Lady leaned in close saying(I don't care if I get off or not, I just want to see that thing squirting again, that was the hottest thing I think I've ever seen).

Pointed cock right at lady and asked(you mind putting some of that oil on cock)? (I don't mind at all, in fact it would be a pleasure).

Soon after oil was applied, another orgasm was not far off, (looks like you're fixing to get off again)? Oh yea, here it comes. Do it in my hands again. First squirt went into hands and was not very large. Second was like a long stream followed by laughing lady friend grabbing cock and shaking side to side causing cum to fly everwhere. Spray it boy, shoot that big load, who wee, look at it go, you go gallons.

Resting and watching television, somewhere around ten in the morning, reached over and began rubbing between friends legs. It sure was getting wet in there. With other hand started stroking cock. Friend stated (this is kinda nice don't stop). Was masturbating both of us for a good while then stated (I want to watch you get off, will you do it in front of me)? No answer was given, middle finger started working between legs, breathing got heavier, hips were raised. Fingers went very fast, stopped, very fast stopped again rolled on side pushed hand and mound very tight into my side. This did it for me, with her still sliding that warm wet thing up and down my leg I was cumming again.

I know this is getting long I'll try to speed this up.

Went into living room, ate some lunch and started watching a movie. Around one in the evening lady looked at cock and said, if you want to do it again I'd like to watch.

Removed clothes, placed a towel on floor in front of self, while being watched a little in disbelief I think, masturbated and had a nice little orgasm. Not as explosive as before but still nice. Friend was laughing again saying (gallons, gallons, gallons).

Watched local college football game. Somewhere around six in the evening, was asked (what's the most times you've masturbated in one day)? It's been a while, once got off five times in one day. (Want to tie your record)? Sure, are you going to do it with me this time?

Watching that woman rub that thing and when getting off was sliding it up and down my leg, with a little work was able to achieve another orgasm. Think scrotum deflated like a popped baloon around testicles. Whew five in one day.

Laying in bed again watching the television, around nine that evening, maybe joking don't know was asked (want to set a new record)? If you can make it get hard again I'll take a shot at it.

Still having that deflated baloon feeling, oil was used on the tip of cock and rubbed up and down shaft. Oh yea it got hard again. After stroking and teasing cock all sorts of ways lady stated(my arms are getting tired, you finish it). Stroking cock for a short while, the sixth orgasm arrived and yes, I think lady friend tasted it to see if it was delicious. Never asked just saw a big grin on her face



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