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Sister's Girlfriend

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I had just turned 14, and my 16 year old sister and I were being looked after by our Grandmother while our parents went on a 2 week cruise. My sister's best friend Elaine almost lived at our house, and I had this major case of lust for her even though she hardly even looked my way. One evening my sister had apparently made an arrangement to meet some boy at the A&W burger place all us kids hung out at, and when she asked our Grandma if she and Elaine could use Mom's car to go to A&W she told her only if they took me along. The girls were not happy with that, but I was pumped about getting some time around Elaine, and when I promised my sister I would keep her little secret about the boy, she was okay with me going.

At the A&W, my sister got into the other boy's car and they left, leaving me alone with Elaine. Not many other kids were around that night, so Elaine got bored and decided to just drive around which was cool with me as I was sitting up front which gave me the chance to check out her hot body and the great legs she was showing by wearing shorts. She drove us around town a while, and then went out by the lake which was a kind of makeout place for the older kids, and she parked by some friends of hers who were kind of partying and they pissed her off by teasing her about her 'date,' and 'babysitting' me so she got back in the car, and we moved to a different parking spot. We sat in the car talking in the mostly dark spot, and after a while she started asking me about girls, and did I have any experience with any of that, which I didn't other than a lot of fantasies, and jacking off over the subject.

After a while she got all mellow acting, and started telling me how amazing it was to make out, and do some sex stuff, and even told me in detail of some of her personal experiences with dates, and I of course developed a major hardon from thinking about doing that stuff with a super hottie like her. I guess I was kind of squirming around trying to ignore my aching boner, and the talk had me all nervous too, and she noticed, and started all teasing me about being excited and stuff which only made it all worse for me.

At one point she reached out and put her hand on my bare thigh, and I just about shot off, and she giggled, and then started rubbinig my leg, getting closer to my rigid boner all the time while she was saying all kinds of stuff about how if I was really her date she would probably already be 'helping' me with my 'problem' I was shaking nervous and scared she would stop touching me, but she kept rubbing me, and finally just sort of grabbed my hard dick outside my shorts and squeezed it. I thought I might die it felt so good, and when I kind of gasped she giggled, and started telling me that she was surprised my dick was so big, and so hard, and then she started to work on getting my shorts open, telling me to help her, lift up, and all of that, so I did, and in another minute I was sitting there with my shorts and boxers around my ankles and my rock hard dick sticking straight up in the air.

Elaine got sort of quiet then, but she wrapped her soft hand around my dick, and started pumping it as she said a lot of stuff I couldn't really hear because of the pounding noise in my ears. As horny and excited as I was to have this fantasy girl actually playing with my prick I didn't last very long, and when I shot my load it was like huge, and cum spurted everywhere, on me, on the car seat, and on Elaine's hand. After, I was panting and sweating like crazy, and Elaine found some tissues someplace in the car and wiped up all my mess, and then played around a little with my soft dick before making me get my clothes on again, and we went back to A& W to find my sister again. When I got back to my bedroom I jacked off 2 more times remembering how it felt to have Elaine rubbing my boner, and it was totally awesome!



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