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Sister's Friends

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As teenagers, my older sister Kim and I were home alone a lot in the summer months. Kim was 16 and had an 18 year-old-boyfriend. A few times she and her boyfriend and his male friend Lee would come over in the afternoons, and Kim and her bf would go into her bedroom and make out. This left Lee and me to watch TV together in the livingroom.

Lee was 17. I could tell he was jealous and felt left out, as he did not have a girlfriend. I did not have a boyfriend. Kim and her bf would be in her room for a couple of hours at a time and Lee and I would be left to make awkward small talk. I was completely embarrassed and shy being around him. He was bored. I was tongue-tied sitting there with him, which felt like an obligation for both of us. But I was curious about what my sister and her beau were doing together for so long. And I would imagine them doing sex stuff, as I fingered my virgin cunt each night in my bed.

I imagined that they were just kissing and maybe feeling each other out, or possibly sucking each other, all things I had dreamed about doing with a boy when I masturbated, which I had just recently learned to do.

One afternoon, Lee and I were watching some movie with soft-core sex in it. It was pretty spicy and it was making me horny. I think it was also doing the same thing to Lee, who kept looking over at me and undressing me with his eyes. I remember that I was thinking about excusing myself to go and masturbate. After about an hour, Lee got anxious and went and knocked on Kim's door and said for them to hurry up already or to include him in the fun. He said he was getting lonely out there. When he knocked, the door opened a few inches, offering a clear view of Kim's bed. I heard Kim yell out 'you aren't alone.' I knew this was a reference to me, which made me burning red with embarrassment as much as lust.

Lee stared at her door for a minute and then, obviously horny and frustrated, came back, sat down, and said to me that they looked like they were just getting started. So we were going to be waiting a while. He had a big grin on his face. I stupidly said 'just getting started doing what?' I really just wanted to talk to a boy about sex. He laughed at me and asked me 'just what do you think they are doing in there all this time?' I said something like 'making out, I guess.' He laughed again and told me to come with him to Kim's door.

We went to her door and he told me to be absolutely quiet. He pushed me up to the cracked door and stood close behind me. He was pressed against me and I felt the warmth of his body behind me.

Her door was open about two inches. What I saw absolutely blew my mind. We had a view of the foot of my sister's bed. My nude sister was squatting on top of her nude bf and he was inside of her, giving it to her in long, slow strokes. We could see it all: her asshole and pussy stretched by his cock. He was holding her ass, raising and lowering her on his cock. She was in ecstasy. It was the first real hard cock and balls I had ever seen. I turned to look back at Lee and he reminded me to be absolutely quiet. We stood watching for a couple of minutes. I realized that Lee was blocking my escape. His hands were kind of pinning me to the doorway. So, feeling helpless, I decided I had to stay and watch for as long as Lee made me. I didn't mind at all. Then I noticed I was very horny and very wet, burning up. I was wearing tight shorts and I felt the seam against my clit. My clit itched. I also felt Lee's breath on my neck.

It never occurred to me that Lee would find me attractive (although I knew I had a good body and that boys liked me). But I felt Lee move in tight against my butt, pushing his hard cock against my ass crack. I pushed back without even thinking. Kim and her bf were still fucking just six feet from us. Then I reached down with my hand and put pressure against my pussy, especially my clit. I squeezed my pussy with my hand. Then I clamped my thighs around my fist. I really needed to play with myself. I didn't care what happened. I ran my finger up and down my slit for a while outside my shorts. I did not think Lee would know what I was doing, but I really didn't care. I was sex-crazed. I pushed my finger inside the leg of my panties and found my engorged, slippery clit. It was great rubbing my clit with Lee behind me and my sister being fucked in front of me. Then I felt Lee's hot hand on my stomach. He ran circles around my belly button, lifting my shirt and running his fingers along the waistband of my shorts. I moaned. I did not resist. Then he just pushed his hand inside my shorts and down past my pubic hair to my wet pussy in one movement. His hand brushed my own. It felt amazing. He knew exactly what to do. Then he just bent down and pulled my shorts and panties all the way down to my ankles. I watched my sister raising and lowering her cunt on that big cock, and I wanted to take her place so badly. I was surprised at myself that I let Lee do all of this, since I had done little sexually before then. I spread my knees, opening my cunt up for him. Lee started fingering me quickly and my knees buckled and spread even more. I leaned back into him, using him for support, and reached behind me for his cock. He undid his pants and put it into my hands. It was hot and soft and throbbing. I wanted it really bad.

I pulled at his cock, rubbing it against my butt. Soon I felt my orgasm approaching. My mind was going crazy with lust. Lee was biting my neck and flicking my clit, while his fingers were also moving inside me. I was groping wildly at his cock. Then he pushed his cock against my asshole. Then he slipped a hand down to my ass and cupped my cheeks, burying a finger inside my ass, as I rubbed his cock against my ass cheeks. He also put his tongue down my throat. This sent me to heaven and I came in a big way. Kim and her bf heard me cry out and she ran over and slammed the door shut, but she had a twinkle in her eyes. Lee said that he needed to leave but would I finish him before he went?

I thought he wanted to fuck me, which I was ready to do. He had other ideas. We went to my room and he showed me how to stroke his cock until he came in long creamy squirts. I asked if I could taste it. It tasted like the best stuff on earth. I was addicted. Then he left. I brought myself to another orgasm. But I made sure I wasn't home when my sister came out. She called me a perv and told me to get my own 'screw.' And from then on she shut the door and locked it when her bf came over.

Sadly, Lee never came back. This did not stop me from thinking about him or from listening to Kim and her beau outside her door and masturbating nude in the hallway or, later, spying on them through her window. In my fantasy, her beau would come out and find me nude. He and Lee and Kim and I would all get on my parents' bed and have a big orgy. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.



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