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Sisters Dirty Pictures

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I always felt bad for looking, but I really couldn't help it.


Growing up I lived out in the sticks, literally no one to talk to or hang out with. Definitely no girls to check out and this was before we had the internet. Anyways, it was me and my sister Krystal. From a young age we would always play video games or go to the neighborhood pool together. We both got to start puberty around the same time. I would constantly be checking her out and jerking off. There was a brief time in our early teens (we were one year apart) that somehow we ended up watching a porno movie together. I don't remember how it came up, but I ended up jerking off in front of her. I had jerked before but not really cum. I looked up and my sister was rubbing herself outside of her blue sweatpants. I had cum...I felt it pump out of me. I was amazed.

My sister saw my first cum. The following summer we repeated this a few times, and one morning when I woke up she parted her lips for me.

I never really saw her tits. Saw her pussy plenty though! Eventually I was able to talk her into grinding against me which she did, and shortly after that she put an end to everything. I think she saw it going to far. However I still loved checking her out. The following year she grew the nicest tits. She was a swimmer so she was always tight and in shape. I figured I had to peak on her. Which I did. I found that if I knelt down in the hall closet by her room I could see in a small bit by one of the ducts. The only problem is that if she somehow saw me I couldn't get out of the closet quickly. So I was always paranoid. Since it was one angle you could only really see a bit of the carpet and her bed depending how she had her room set up.

One night I was desperately trying to see her 36c's (I checked her bras), when she got in the shower....I snuck in the closet. I waited,

I figured I could get a glance when the towel dropped. Well, in her room, I couldn't see her drop the towel, because when she came back into view she had a white bra on. Damn, I missed the tits. But what happened next I didn't. She laid back on the bed, spread her legs and started touching herself. I was hard as a rock. My heart was pounding and I was breathing hard. I kept perfectly quiet and watched. Her legs were spread very wide and I had a perfect view...straight in. It was the first 'real' pussy I had ever seen. She had a trimmed brown landing strip. She rubbed her clit with her fingers, white polish, I will never forget that image. Soon she was fingering herself. I could tell she would get paranoid, she would stop and look out the door. Anyway, I snuck out because I was too scared of getting caught.

After that we ended up moving and I wasn't able to peak at our new house. A few years went by and we moved again. This time round I found a way to peak at the new place. I did see a lot of ass here and

there, some pussy lips a few times but never got to see her tits and more importantly, her nipples. Until one day. She came out of the shower and went to her room. I got into position. She had her back to me and was sitting crossed leg to me. When the towel dropped I could see side boob. Yes I thought. She was rubbing lotion on herself and she turned to the side. There they were, nips. I was in heaven. Finally. Her tits seemed so big. Bright pink nipples. I jerked off forever with that memory. I always wished I had some pictures of her naked. So I wouldn't have to peak.

Eventually I moved out and I couldn't peak anymore. I would jerk off to the memories as much as I could. One day recently my sister called and asked me if I could fix her netbook. I told her I would, and a few days later she dropped it off. Almost immediately after she left I was on it, I eventually got it to work and then I started snooping. All her photos, most were of work. Then I got to some other ones. There were a ton of her posing in a bikini, great cleavage. I was so horny. I found another folder marked 'Hawaii' from her vacation. There was the typical touristy stuff. Then there were pictures of her in slutty night gowns. A picture of her face in her boyfriends crotch (although you couldn't see anything really). An open coat with no bra and black panties. But the ones that really got me off I found next. One of her from the waist up topless with her hands on her boobs. Very tanned and she was pushing her tits into her chest. The next one the same pose with whip cream on her nipples holding her tits up trying to lick them off. The next one of her full body nude covering her tits and pussy, although you can her nipple sticking from between her fingers, plus you can see she shaves. The next one she is completely naked with her back to the camera and you can see her full ass. Finally one of her with a shirt on and her hand down her panties. Needless to say, I copied them all.

I gave her the netbook back and she thanked me. I told her no problem. So now, I have brought myself to many orgasms with those

pictures and I can peak anytime I want.



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