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Sister's Computer

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More of what I found on my sister's computer


When I last wrote, I was twenty-seven, however a birthday has come and gone and now I feel I'm approaching thirty a bit too quickly. Still not married and no steady boyfriend or fiance, just enjoying being a single woman and an occassional weekend fling with friends. That doesn't begin to satisfy my sexual urges, so masturbation has become a very regular and frequent part of my day over the last ten years.

Once I had discovered my older sister's internet history, I began to do some exploring on my own in my own apartment. However, it seemed I enjoyed sneaking around with her stuff and delving a bit into her life more than on my own. So I would save certain web sites for the times I was asked to babysit for their two youngsters. Solo Touch is one of them plus a couple of sites that showed amateur video clips (don't know if I can actually mention the names here).

Her house had several toys and videos hidden in the bedroom, TV room and computer room. These were places I'm certain were even secret to her hubby because they were well-hidden. Yes, I am a sneak and always have been a nosey person.

In high school when I used to babysit, there wasn't a cupboard or closet I didn't eventually get into in the homes in which I babysat. There were many porno magazine and videos (VHS of course back then) that I would watch and furiously masturbate for most of the evening. Easily, I would get off three times an evening leaving my panties in a soaking, smelly mess. But I loved it.

I babysat off and on for a total of five neighborhood families all within walking distance from my home.

My first babysitting job was when I was fifteen with the Andersons. They were in their thirties and had a four and two-year old who were generally already in bed when I arrived. So my evenings there were mostly doing homework, watching TV, and browsing through their belongings.

Their porno stuff was easily found about the third time I babysat for them. Everything was in their large bedroom closet in a big box under some shoeboxes on the floor which made for easy access. Being careful to remember where everything was so I could return them to their proper places, I looked through a lesbian magazine first and was pleasantly surprised when I felt the rush of warmth between my thighs.

I had never really thought about other girls (or women for that matter), but after looking at the very explicit pictures, I knelt on the floor and soon my hand was down my jeans and into my panties. I climaxed hard after about the fourth page when seeing one woman with two fingers in another woman's pussy. I wiped my hand on my jeans and put away the magazine and went downstairs for a snack, my pussy had already soaked my panties, but the warm wetness felt good and I had a nice sense of satisfaction.

There was a TV show my parents wouldn't let me watch called Night Games that was about dating couples and what they did on their dates. Well the sex talk on that show got me horney again, so I took another trip to the closet and leafed through a second magazine with couples in various sexual positions. But there were also narratives which really turned me on. One was about a wife who would watch the neighbor boy mow the lawn and fantasize having sex with him while her husband was away. Admittedly, I had watched boys myself and was fascinated by their bulges.

As the story progressed, I felt uncomfortable with my hand crammed down my jeans, so I unzipped them and pulled them below my knees so I could spread my legs apart and easily finger myself under my panties. It was a good story and I imagined the boys in my class in the hands of an experienced woman begging for relief.

The twitching of my pussy was a sure sign that a climax was near. I didn't know about edging then, so I just fingered faster and the waves of pleasure began. I leaned forward and spasmed with each wave of pleasure. It had to have been the best yet at that time and I was surprised at the intensity which left me a bit sweaty and winded. Afraid of being caught with my pants down, I quickly pulled them up and felt the warm squish of my wetness soak into my panties once again.

As the evening went on, my thoughts were on basically one subject...my throbbing pussy. That itchy need just wouldn't go completely away no matter what TV channel I watched and I succumbed to another trip to the closet rifling through the box for more stimulating material. There were many VHS videos and as I went through the labels, one caught my interest...it was about a family.

Being needy and a bit reckless, I popped it into their bedroom TV and was greeted with all sorts of previews about gays, lesbians, and others. I had never seen such a diversity of sexual acts as I stood in front of the TV, my jeans down to my ankles, leaning against the end of the bed, my fingers dancing with my clitoris which was oh so very sensitive. I climaxed in less than five minutes, hunched over and grunting. The spasms went on fo a good minute without even rubbing. Just the pressure of my fingers and the spasms kept me going...oh so wonderful! And the video hadn't even gotten to the main feature!

As I watched about 30 more minutes of this delectable video, I brought myself off two more times and could have gone on for more had the evening not been so late. It seemed everytime I brushed across my clit, the orgasm would begin to build again. My hand was wet and slippery and panties completely soaked through.

The video was carefully replaced to its original position in their box and I went back down the stairs, weak kneed and flopped on the couch where I drifted off to sleep.



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